Super Car Runs Bicycle Rider Down from Behind - Akuna Bay - May 2018

Hi All

I just wanted to alert people to a serious incident that occurred last week. I have not seen it covered outside road riding social media and the standard Police release that I had to go looking for.

A man riding a bicycle was run down from behind mid week and mid morning on the Akuna Bay loop. The motorist was a motorsport journalist test driving a McLaren supercar. 0 to 100kms in less than 4 seconds.

The rider sustained two broken knees, broken ribs and head/facial injuries. He is still in a very serious condition in ICU at RNSH.

NSW Police say they are investigating.

I've mentioned the incident to a few people and they had not heard of it so passing it along in case anyone rides that route or think that because it is a known loop for bicycle riders they can feel some degree of safety.

Spare a thought for the rider, James, and his family who had their lives turned upside down compliments of a vehicle that should not be allowed anywhere near a public road.

Also make sure you have a working bell fitted to your bicycle, ding ding, that is the sound of vision zero and road safety in NSW.

Please if anyone sees any more information on this, especially progress by Police do post it up.


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And not a drop of universal condemnation

Let’s hope the rider had a Fly6. Might help get this lunatic off the road for a while. 

Last year the state Liarbrels passed a law preventing the owners of the Newcastle V8 super cars races being held liable for anything. It would be interesting to see it tested in court. It goes against the concept of justice! But then again, liarbrels at every level only look after their mates!

how did you segue to that?  Because the word 'super' was used?

There was a reference to racing in one of the earlier posts, and I tried to pin it under that, but the site wouldn't do it.

Spare a thought for the rider, James, and his family who had their lives turned upside down compliments of a vehicle that should not be allowed anywhere near a public road.

I agree with the rest of the post, but this sort of hyperbole does no-one any favours.  90% of cars on the road have more power than they would ever need.

90% of cars should be off the road - Toyota Klugers have enough power to enter a classroom and kill the occupants.

Issue a special licence, annual retest, for those seeking high powered vehicles for specific purposes i.e. towing a caravan.

Maybe look at road safety... I wish thoughts and prayers worked but they don't - start passing laws, grandfather high powered vehicles so maybe one day in the future we don't need to panic when our kids are out of sight.


If you panic when your kids are out of sight, you have bigger problems than the capabilities of cars and their drivers.

Disagree strongly.

My kids are well trained, 8 and 3, but kids make terrible decisions sometimes and chase a ball onto a road etc... The current system heaps the responsibility onto very little shoulders instead of pushing it back onto the cause of death and misery.

Go for a walk with a 3 year old and just notice how people speed into stop signs, come to sharp halt at a pedestrian crossing when you are not sure you should start crossing or wait... the current road environment is a sick joke. A dog was hit, run and killed in Rhodes a month or so back, in a 40 km/h zone. Could of been a kid.

The victims tend to be young or elderly - the humans who sometimes make terrible decisions due to brains just getting up to speed or brains that are fading a bit.

You just can't relax and walk/cycle unless it is totally separated from motorists. The minute you get complacent - bang.


Very very well put

If you aren't holding your 3yo's hand when walking down the street, then I'm not sure what to say.

Duncan this comment suggest you have not spent  much time looking after kids? 


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