Super Car Runs Bicycle Rider Down from Behind - Akuna Bay - May 2018

Hi All

I just wanted to alert people to a serious incident that occurred last week. I have not seen it covered outside road riding social media and the standard Police release that I had to go looking for.

A man riding a bicycle was run down from behind mid week and mid morning on the Akuna Bay loop. The motorist was a motorsport journalist test driving a McLaren supercar. 0 to 100kms in less than 4 seconds.

The rider sustained two broken knees, broken ribs and head/facial injuries. He is still in a very serious condition in ICU at RNSH.

NSW Police say they are investigating.

I've mentioned the incident to a few people and they had not heard of it so passing it along in case anyone rides that route or think that because it is a known loop for bicycle riders they can feel some degree of safety.

Spare a thought for the rider, James, and his family who had their lives turned upside down compliments of a vehicle that should not be allowed anywhere near a public road.

Also make sure you have a working bell fitted to your bicycle, ding ding, that is the sound of vision zero and road safety in NSW.

Please if anyone sees any more information on this, especially progress by Police do post it up.


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And in Melbourne, there's another life cut short because of a truck:

BUT, this is the icing on the cake:

Hairdresser Chrizzel Pontanes from R & B Haircraft, told The Age she regularly sees car accidents from her shop window.

“It’s notorious for crashes: T-bones, cars crashing, rollovers, car on bike,” she said.

“No-one knows who to give way to and pedestrians cross over Maroondah Highway while turning lanes at Heatherdale Road and Dampier Grove both go at the same time so no-one knows who to give way to,” she added.

This is someone talking about an intersection with traffic lights - so not some strange new thing that IS NOT COVERED BY THE AUSTRALIAN ROAD RULES.

How could nobody know who has to give way - it isn't f*cking rocket science and it is clearly explained in the road rules that people are supposed to know.

(excuse the rant)

Peter H the comments are sickening - imagine how the driver feels, trucks can't see etc... Every excuse possible is being offered as to why the driver killed the young girl.

Given the number of accidents, the lethal design it should be ripe for civil action by the family. Just need pro bono legal counsel.



Lethal design?  Are you not aware of the road rules either?

Turning vehicles give way to pedestrians.  There is nothing abnormal about this intersection.

The intersection is death by design. All the people in the article have said they have personally witnessed numerous people being hit or almost hit.

The local council confirmed they had 3 to 5 complaints in last few years.

The insurance company says that road features a lot of claims.

Slip ways are designed to allow cars to speed around corners. They should be illegal - they also mean people have to walk further to cross the road.

I could not care less about road rules or the law - kids and literally being killed. Everyone is wringing their hands and offering up thoughts and prayers. Just change it - drop off some concrete blocks the cars/trucks have to weave around, post a cop there - what ever until the intersection is rendered safe.

A hard 90 degree turn is much safer what ever the road rules. 

Kudos to the father who is planning to keep a candle burning in the victims honour until the design is changed.

Fuming that this crap will continue. Anzac Parade in Sydney is getting this treatment right next to CP... so gross.


This didn't occur in a slip lane.  This is a run of the mill left turn.  A run off the mill pedestrian crossing at an intersection.

The truck failed to give way to the pedestrian.

You seem to be quite willing to blame the death on the intersection....

I think the issue here is that it’s a so-called “hot crossing”. 

This is where the vehicles and pedestrians get a green at the same time. It is a dangerous design at the best of times, but far more so on an 8 lane road. 

This in no way excuses the driver, but at the same time that doesn’t mean the intersection design shouldn’t be questioned  

Dangerous at the best of times?  The vast majority of ALL our traffic light intersections have this. In fact it is very rare to see otherwise.  Even on 8 lane roads.

Yes. Have you ever seen a police operation targeting vehicles turning across live pesdestrian crossings? Ever?

Contrast this with their targeting of bike bells. It’s laughable. 

All stop and All walk is the way to go.

In Chatswood there is one crosswalk where it works this way. 

All cars stop and pedestrians can cross in every direction, including diagonals.


For every intersection? Even in areas of low pedestrian traffic. That would drastically reduce intersection flow capacity and would be a highly radical change. Im a strong advocate of pedestrianising our streets but that is just inefficient.

It works in Chatswood where the pedestrian count is very high.

And definitely stops people being run over.


@JohnKnight: It works in Chatswood where the pedestrian count is very high.

And definitely stops people being run over.

I'm sure it helps, but there was a recent pedestrian fatality at that very intersection with a woman being hit by a delivery van...


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