Super Car Runs Bicycle Rider Down from Behind - Akuna Bay - May 2018

Hi All

I just wanted to alert people to a serious incident that occurred last week. I have not seen it covered outside road riding social media and the standard Police release that I had to go looking for.

A man riding a bicycle was run down from behind mid week and mid morning on the Akuna Bay loop. The motorist was a motorsport journalist test driving a McLaren supercar. 0 to 100kms in less than 4 seconds.

The rider sustained two broken knees, broken ribs and head/facial injuries. He is still in a very serious condition in ICU at RNSH.

NSW Police say they are investigating.

I've mentioned the incident to a few people and they had not heard of it so passing it along in case anyone rides that route or think that because it is a known loop for bicycle riders they can feel some degree of safety.

Spare a thought for the rider, James, and his family who had their lives turned upside down compliments of a vehicle that should not be allowed anywhere near a public road.

Also make sure you have a working bell fitted to your bicycle, ding ding, that is the sound of vision zero and road safety in NSW.

Please if anyone sees any more information on this, especially progress by Police do post it up.


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Regardless we expect a professional to have a higher level of skill, which is this case relates to a greater ability to avoid injuring themselves or others

It seems odd to me that a 'supercar' doesn't come with collision avoidance.

That's not necessary because of the inbuilt "get out of my way" driver attitude. 

That would add a few hundred grams of unnecessary additional circuit boards.  

RMS seems to take pride in advertising its high speed limits right on a series of S bends

They need the slowing effect of the bed to make the driver see the sign.

A trompe d'oeuil would be good fun there.

The sign seems pretty easy to see

That was my point, encouraging (some) motorists to take the bend at 60. An advisory 30 might be of greater value, but even they are seen as just something to exceed if you can. BMUFL signs might raise awareness of cyclists.

We still have a long long long way to go 

The relentless rise of the entitled motorist

Reminds me of yesterday with a red 4wd overtaking.

Left lane was closed for a couple hundred metres with traffic cones and workmen in a 40k zone....I'm probably doing mid 30s after coming down a hill, the goose overtakes in an intersection with a crossing on the other side, causing a woman to jump back on the kerb - and the lights are red at the next intersection with traffic backed up about 50 metres beyond the pedestrian crossing anyway.

You wonder what goes on in their heads!

Motorist thought process = 'me me me me me me me me me me me me me' 

I have similar interactions daily. Race you into roundabouts then jam on the brakes, race you into speed humps then jam on the brakes, race you in to an S bend then jam on the brakes and numerous other situations like amber lights when the thought process should be OK I can safely stop or slow down to allow people time but instead they just stamp on trigger and fire away.


Seems like people at the Smerald are reading this board...


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