Super Car Runs Bicycle Rider Down from Behind - Akuna Bay - May 2018

Hi All

I just wanted to alert people to a serious incident that occurred last week. I have not seen it covered outside road riding social media and the standard Police release that I had to go looking for.

A man riding a bicycle was run down from behind mid week and mid morning on the Akuna Bay loop. The motorist was a motorsport journalist test driving a McLaren supercar. 0 to 100kms in less than 4 seconds.

The rider sustained two broken knees, broken ribs and head/facial injuries. He is still in a very serious condition in ICU at RNSH.

NSW Police say they are investigating.

I've mentioned the incident to a few people and they had not heard of it so passing it along in case anyone rides that route or think that because it is a known loop for bicycle riders they can feel some degree of safety.

Spare a thought for the rider, James, and his family who had their lives turned upside down compliments of a vehicle that should not be allowed anywhere near a public road.

Also make sure you have a working bell fitted to your bicycle, ding ding, that is the sound of vision zero and road safety in NSW.

Please if anyone sees any more information on this, especially progress by Police do post it up.


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No amount of money will make up for those injuries! Pity too, 3rd party only comes out of a pool rather than directed at the perpetrator.

Would seem Trivetts encourages recklessness on public roads with waves of cars given the chance to turn up the wick, rather than a single convoy. Suppose it's on James to prove, wouldn't be surprised there's articles out there on (mis)conduct during these test drives. Failure to mitigate risk and/or contributory negligence, you'd think might be able to be sheeted home to them if so.

Yeah he'll get paid by the CTP insurance but I wonder what happens to the Trivetts in regards to getting insurance in the future. My guess and hope is they won't be able to, does anyone know for sure?

I'd also guess that CTP will be going after them once James is paid out. For SA but I assume NSW is the same, from

What am I not covered for?
You should be aware that the CTP Insurance scheme may recover any
compensation paid to the injured person from you if you have breached
the CTP insurance policy.
Section 124A of the
Motor Vehicles Act 1959
gives the insurer the right
to seek recovery of any injury compensation and claims management
costs against an insured person who has failed to comply with a term
of the policy of insurance.
Breaches include:

driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

driving dangerously

intentionally causing injury

driving a vehicle without the owner’s permission

driving without holding a current driver’s licence

driving an unroadworthy or overloaded vehicle

Committing an offence against Section 43 of the
Road Traffic Act
(hit and run).
The Policy of Insurance is determined by the CTP Insurance Regulator.
For further information, please visit
Overall, if an insured person is found to be in breach of the policy of
insurance, and their conduct has caused an injury, an approved insurer
can pursue the insured driver and depending on the circumstances,
recover up to whatever costs have been incurred in relation to the
injury claims arising out of that crash.

For James I really hope he can get back on a bike. His arm injury sounds a bit like Rob Horne's ex Waratahs Rugby player and I know one handed riding is hard from personal experience and with just one stuffed knee it's debilitating.

You'd wish they have some sort of retribution and no longer conduct road tests the same way, but looking at a recent Au road test of the 570, there's mention of understeer at silly speeds on public roads!! You can only hope it's journalist hyperbole.

Looking at Manly Court list, she's down for mention on Wednesday.

I used to work at Cottage point and there was talk about police having to be invited by national parks to patrol inside the park. I saw police doing speed checks at the entrances to the park but never inside it? I think that's why RNP has so many motor bikes.

Long time since I've done RNP. I remember there was an occasional radar down near the Waterfall entrance early in the mornings. Recent years, I remember ACA had reports of drifters doing stupid stuff down there and the cops setting up to catch them and of course you see endless police in Kosciusko - dunno.

With the mention of RNP, seems Trivetts haven't bothered to curtail this practice. They've had convoy shots down on the Seacliff bridge post the accident, which I'd suspect means they've gone through there, testing the capabilities of the cars and enroute to Kangaroo Valley to tear up that road too. 

Be interesting to know if Kuringai has been taken off their assault course.

McLaren car club was at it again on Saturday with high speed drivng near Cottage point and finishing at what looks like Church Point. When is it ever OK to use national parks as a a race track?

where's the evidence they were driving at high speed or racing?

(ps: that looks more like Balmoral ... no fig trees at Church Point)

Yes, could be Balmoral. Several cyclists witnessed  4 McLarens riding fast and in very close formation around Cottage Point on that Saturday. Guess this photo was taken towards  the end of the event.

ok - that's bad.  They should log a complaint with the local plod.. who will hopefully put some patrols down there to catch any speeding motorists.

There's really no other way to deal with it, imho.

The evidence is when they rode past me! (not on this occasion though).

If she gets more whilst appealing.

Another shit article that only gives one sentence to the damage Amelia Hungerford did to James. With that sentence seemingly downplaying the damage she did (no mention of broken neck, head, knees etc only face and legs). 


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