You can still sign up to count but it's too late to get the free T shirt

Alternatively here's the map if you want to wave to a volunteer  on that day

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Bike Leichhardt will be out and about counting on Tuesday, particularly on Lilyfield Rd! 

What do they use these numbers for?

One day count seemed a bit prone to being skewed by the weather, eg chance of showers expected Tues, unlikely to stop the keen ones, but if it was expected to be 25mm, I wouldn't ride, so I wouldn't get counted, whereas i normally ride to the city 3-4 days a week.

My understanding is that the council BUY this information from BN 

The councils (who are interested) compare it with the previous counts etc

Not all councils participate

Wet morning so numbers way down.

Normally see b/w 20-40 cyclist heading to city, and 5-10 out,  this morning 7 and 2.

Wonder how they'll spin the results?

Handy to know how a little bit of rain affects the numbers I guess. Only very light rain in Lilyfield, and I saw lots of cyclists on Lilyfield Rd from where I was on Catherine St.  Our counter at Balmain Rd said over 200, she hadn't added the tallies up when I saw her at 9 am. 

A real dearth of interest north of the M2/Pac Hwy.

I was out riding, beautiful morning but I did not see any counters from SOP to City, but hopefully I was counted either at CP or on the way back in to city from CP.


They were at La Montage cnr, Balmain Rd and crazy dangerous cnr where the cyclists from James Craig overpass join.

I counted at the "crazy dangerous corner" one year, had to stand well back or cyclists would look up at me and take their eyes off the path and wander over the centre line. That Overbridge (The Beattie Bridge) is going to be demolished as part of Westconn works, so the corner won't be a problem in a few years time. 

The counter at the canal at foot of Lilyfield Rd hill counted 171 going up the hill. Down on previous years I think. About 50 others turned either left or right on the Bay Run or up the canal, maybe taking an easier option than "the hill", or maybe not working in the city. 


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