Super Tuesday Counters needed Tuesday 3rd March 7am-9am

Whose counting this year?

I registered to do a spot on my current commute to Parramatta and today got a call saying that they need more counters in and around the Parramatta LGA. Last year all the spots were taken by the time I registered but they only had 4-5 spots this year they have expanded and seem to bitten off more than they can chew. There 15 spots remaining in, around and on the main routes towards Parra. Use the link below to register. Bicycle Network will donate $50 to the BUG/advocacy group of your choice.

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Bicycle Network.
So no and never again.
The SydCyc community with a Bike Sydney and even a BNSW link should really pick this up and run with it. Pretty sure the councils that pay for these bike counts would take on board that Bicycle Network are not welcome in NSW.

Agreed. Why would any of us lift a finger to assist a group that actively opposes safe passing distance legislation?
Same. Use to be a counter in Parramatta area but now refuse to support BN. Those guys suck.

Whilst I completely agree with the sentiments expressed regarding Bicycle Network, the Super Tuesday bikes count is the one (and only one) thing they do that I wholeheartedly support. It's a national activity that provides a consistent annual data set that councils can use to measure their progress both within their own area, and against comparable councils elsewhere.

It would be preferable if local organisations had their own bike counts as well, as the Newcastle Cycleways Movement has implemented (we do three a year), but the merits of an annual national count is not to be so easily dismissed. It's just a pity that BN get so much money out of it.

The money BV gets for all its "activities" is the prime motivator for those activities. And BV couldn't care less who it sucks up to for the money, e.g. Coca Cola, RACV.

The token $50 offered to BUGs for this work is pretty insulting, IMO. 

I doubt that they bill councils 50$ or less...
Guessing say 200 to 300 per counter/ spot for the counting and logging the data. Most BUGs should be would be able to do this but the brand must give some credo to the data....

Parramatta City council has several bike counters, they run 24/7, I ride over several of the sensors daily, why would they need counters on 1 day of 365 and then only for a few hours?

Even the Hills Shire council has a few sensors that count bikes.

"I ride over several of the sensors daily"

I hope you do it several times, just to be sure, to be sure, to be sure ............. etc!  :-)

Where are these Rob?

The data are pretty much useless for transport planners because the counts are advertised beforehand.

How so?

Because when people are told about the counts, they may consciously or subconsciously change their travel behaviour to get counted, e.g., cycle when they hadn't planned to, take a different route from normal, choose a different destination, make more trips than they would have otherwise, depart at a different time, etc.

I've actually seen messages on social media along the lines of "make sure you cycle past X location today, to show that bicycle facilities are needed/should be kept there".

Also some volunteer surveyors may be tempted to inflate their counts - there is no quality control.

It's a shame because it would be great to have reliable counts done by volunteers, rather than have to spend cycling budget on professional surveys.


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