Superb research by the Telegraph - $7 million for a lane without bikes

Tim Blair's opinion piece is so lazily researched it's hard to generate any enthusiasm to respond. But given Duncan Gay's comments last week, it's worth commenting on his 'story'.

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I often wonder about these people who say that no one rides on the bike lanes. I read a comment by someone who said their office is right on the bike lane and even in peak hour no one uses it. I guess the moment you get on a bike you're invisible.

Great, further instruction to mind-in-neutral, iPod toting pedestrians of the inner city. Some of their intellect may actuallycorrelate with "the Daily Telegraph says there are no bikes on the Bourke St Cycleway" so ergo we don't need to bother looking anymore. Yay. Fingers on the brake levers and thumbs on the bell people...


Also noteworthy that Tim suggests that laying an infant on the BSCW is a safe thing to do. Clearly he is not a shock-jock radio announcer, otherwise we would have been reading and debating that approach to parenting in all manner of media for weeks! Maybe he doesn't have the clout he thinks he has.


Once I get my camera sorted YouTube will prove the increasing popularity of the BSCW.



He seems happier that the money was spent on 600 more 2000kg cars to shift increasing obese Australians as his vision for the future.

I have submitted a comment, but I doubt it'll be published and think as an opinion piece, it doesn't actually have to be researched so long as it's an opinion of some kind.

Looks like some comments are starting to be published.

EDIT: although I've realised these are on the blog version of his article and not on the original article, which is where I commented. On that one there are still no comments.

Maybe people should try commenting on the one I've linked instead?

What, and give him more hits?? @#$% that!
Also a valid way of dealing with dross such as this :)

That is odius even for the Terror.

While this article is clearly moronic, in the same newspaper from the same article is this link


I AM sure Barry O'Farrell's recent statements on riding (Sunday Telegraph, March 20) will be alarming to the thousands of bike riders using our cycleways every day.

The facts are no traffic lanes have been taken out for cycleways or shared paths and we have seen numbers of bike riders doubling and tripling.

Cycleways are another transport option for those who live close to the city centre.

Once the network is built it will take 300,000 car trips daily off the road, easing congestion and freeing up valuable road space for those who do need to drive.

Mr O'Farrell contradicts his campaign director who said: "The NSW Liberals and Nationals strongly support cycling ... we will ensure Sydney's missing links are built ... to make cycling a real option for commuters." (Bike NSW website)

I invite Mr O'Farrell to say, before the election, how he plans to deliver better bike access to the city.

Clover Moore

What a friend

Why is Barry O'Farrell opposed to cycling to get around our congested city?

The safe bike paths have not taken away car space and it is anticipated when the network is built 300,000 car trips will be taken off the roads.

I would call this planning for the future. Policies of governments to date don't show a lot of this ability.

Let the bike paths stay.

Joyce Dalton, Paddington


and some more good news

The RTA's solution to the city's transport woes is a bike path network for an unknown handful of cyclists.
Manly/Warringah motorists, gridlocked on the snailtrail to the Northern Beaches or stuck on the Spit Bridge will be relieved to learn of a new cycleway to North Sydney for the area's 552 residents who cycle to work.

Likewise, commuters in Sydney's long-suffering south west who are yet to get a new rail link or a functioning M5 east will get a cycleway from Liverpool to Campbelltown.

Other routes are planned for Botany Bay to CBD, CBD to Maroubra and Harbour Bridge to Woolloomooloo.


before the election the Greens called for $200 million every year - or 5 per cent of the RTA budget - to be spent on cycling.

The minor party now looks set to hold the balance of power in the Upper House.
SOunds pretty awesome to me. I hope this happens!!

That makes a lot of sense. This inflammatory rubbish is similar to Jeremy Clarkson's infotaining lines.

His article is idiocy. Just a load of cherry picking, irrelevancies and bullshit stereotypes. It isn't worth using for toilet paper.

Some day in the future, they might be unlucky enough to find this article, and wonder how such infantilism could pass for journalism.


Enough said.


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