The "Sign our Petition" goes to a survey , so I guess it s 2 step process.

This is off the 34 fines issued for Riding on the footpaths during Operation Pedro by the cops who are exempted

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Forgive my cynicism, but the survey is garbage. They are only after names and email addresses of non members so that they can try to flog them some membership.

It would be a pity if your email address was mis-entered then

Although I saw Ray Rice comments during Operation Pedro and believes he sees the genuine reason to de-criminalise yet another reason for the cops to harass cyclists

Opps Ray isn't on the current Bicycle NSW list

I wonder what role he plays now

I don't keep up too well but I thought Ray went a year or two ago and was replaced by the marketing manager for a gambling company (or something, there is a forum topic somewhere on here),  who it turned out didn't even own a bicycle, but who says that's any impediment to being BNSW CEO 

Found out that Ray is their Advocacy Manager

“There needs to be a change in the current cycling environment in NSW.  Children are being forced to ride on the road at the age of 12. Adults who are re-discovering bike riding are being left with no option but to battle the roads. This is not an environment that encourages bike riding. Bicycle NSW has and always will advocate to create a better environment for cycling.”

Perhaps instead of pushing cyclists onto the footpath, they have a petition to make the roads safer for cyclists.


Don't forget to support this

It's not often BNSW deviates from their 'Just follow the laws'  philosophy.

Interestingly, in the last revision to the road rules (when the fines were jacked up), a clause was added that allows you to cycle on the footpath with a medical exemption.

Which seemed a bit weird to me, but there you are. I wonder how hard it is to get your GP to write a note for you? I daresay getting one for a 13 yr old shouldn't be too hard, if you have kids.

(Not that I think that's the answer, BTW - it should be legal all the time. I just noticed that change in the last lot of revisions, and wondered where it came from.)


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