Support needed for South Coogee to Kingsford streetscape / cycleway (Randwick Council)

Hi All,

Randwick Council has received state government funding to proceed with Walking and cycling improvements: South Coogee to Kingsford (due to the connection to the Light Rail on Anzac Parade).

I would urge you to provide positive support for this route.  This initial project design is currently out for community consultation until 23 November 2018.

It is a low utilised route due to the lack of a obvious and safe route connecting these areas.  For lack of a strong, safe route, people have found their own ways around this area. This route is an important part of the Randwick LGA network and will no doubt increase in utilisation once built.  

There are also many schools around this area that would benefit from a safe active travel path along this route.


From the website:

Randwick City Council is committed to providing safe and healthy transport options to improve our streets and make them easier to walk and cycle along.

We are planning some improvement works to provide better walking and cycling connections to Centennial Park, local shops, schools, beaches and the new light rail stops along Anzac Parade.

The project includes:
• safer pedestrian crossings
• new trees and plants
• enhanced streetscapes
• new pathways
• improved lighting
• traffic calming
• cycleway separated from moving traffic

Have your say!
You are invited to view the detailed plans and provide feedback on this project. (External link)(External link)Hard copies of the improvement plans are also available at all Randwick City Libraries and at the Administration Building, 30 Frances Street, Randwick.

You can share your thoughts by:

  • Completing an on-line submission through this site
  • Sending your comments headed "Walking and cycling improvements: South Coogee to Kingsford" by email link)
  • Posting your comments headed "Walking and cycling improvements: South Coogee to Kingsford" to the General Manager, Randwick City Council, 30 Frances Street, Randwick NSW 2031.

The improvement plans are on public exhibition from 29 October 2018 to 23 November 2018.

BIKEast supports Option B and Option D, the 2 options that retain trees and the nature strip. At our initial meeting with the council, we urged the council to find more locations along the route to add trees. 
We believe the proposed signalised intersection across Avoca St is the best solution for moving people across this tricky section safely, and thank council staff for taking the time to find the best solution.

Please provide your positive support for this important route.  As you know, state government funding is not necessarily forthcoming, so this is a great opportunity to get a piece of the network built.

From attending tonight's info session, there is a lot of pushback from residents as it can be difficult for those who do not walk or cycle this route to see the potential safety benefits this project will bring.

Thank you in advance.  Ride on!

Yvonne Poon
Secretary, BIKEast
Facebook / Instagram: @bikeastnsw

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Retaining the trees and removing car parking looks good to me! But will residents cop it? 

Also, I reckon they could get more than 2.4 m wide bi-dis by reducing the verges or medians.

As a current user of Rainbow St to get from Kingsford 5 ways to Malabar Rd I’m wondering why not connect this route to the 5way roundabout, or does the new LR station and line on Anzac Pde get in the way of this?

The goal for the funding is to connect surrounding areas to the Light Rail station at Sturt St, although this route has always been a suitable East / West route. 
There are flatter, calmer, quieter, wider back streets available (rather than sending people down Anzac Pde).  See attached.


I suppose Houston Rd/ General Bridges Cr will be the way to get to this new Cycleway if coming from Moore Park. As you say, Anzac Pde near 5 ways  with the light rail tracks won’t be very bike friendly, mores the pity. I used to like pedalling along it and hanging a left at Rainbow St. A bit of a struggle up the hill at the start then a nice roller coaster to Malabar Rd.

do you think there will be a lot of resident backlash on the new route? And did Randwick do this project in-house?

Hi Bob,

There has been vocal resident backlash about the area changing, as well as backlash regarding the loss of trees.  Unfortunately, many in the Randwick area have been affected negatively by the Light Rail construction / route and may have lack of empathy for new infrastructure projects.

It's definitely a future cycling route in the network - not an obvious bicycle route to a lot of people right now. As there is no obvious designated route, many cyclists probably find their own preferable ways to move through this East / West direction - as you say - some using Rainbow.  I do see school kids moving along here though - both cycling on the footpath / road (cycleway will help) and attempting to cross the road (the refuge islands will help).

I'm not sure whether Randwick Council did it in-house.

I take it Anzac Parade rebuild has not come with a cycleway.

Doncaster Rd seems to be the alternative. New Cycleway happening there. Too bad if you want to go to somewhere along AP. The kerbside lanes used to be fairly wide, and you could get along Ok, but maybe it will be harder with the railway there. A bit like some Melbourne streets? Dunno. No Complete Streets for us, as with Parramatta Rd “rejuvenation”- no room for bikes and trams or buses. Have heard the Trackless Trams are back in consideration for Ptta Rd, after recent articles by Peter Newman extolling their virtues over conventional light rail.

We get on fine with bendy trolleybuses and trams in Geneva.

I'm disappointed AP has no bike facility. That is truly craptastic. But typical.

Generically speaking any proposal that reduces parking nearby will have objections

Have you posted this elsewhere?  I'd recommend putting it here if you haven't already Australian Cycling Forums - NSW

Thanks for the suggestion mikesbytes, have submitted a post, awaiting moderation.

Awesome, thank you!

Submission done.


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