Cancelling my swap/sell for now - Reid Urban X2 Bike, Black, M size

*EDIT* This is originally a Swap/Sell thread but I'm overwhelmed with helpful advices for keeping my bike, so I'm moving this to General.

I bought this in 18th June this year and barely took it on the road. I'm still an unfamiliar beginner - not being able to lay my foot flat on the ground on this bike really makes me struggle to balance, especially on uphill, which my commute has plenty of (Rushcutters Bay - Wynyard).

I'm 172cm tall. Looking to swap this bike for something with a lower saddle that I can put my feet flat on the ground, or I'm happy to sell it for a price you think it deserves so that I can use the money to buy an easier bike.

You can find the full spec of the bike here:

Thank you for reading and please feel free to message me to discuss further.

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"I should probably clarify that I can't touch both my toes on the ground from my saddle"

Is your saddle adjusted as low as it will possibly go (maybe have to remove the reflector if it's on the seat post) ?  If so, and you still can't touch the ground with both toes, I'd say the bike is too big for you.

A rough rule of thumb for optimal adjustment is that, sitting on the saddle your heel should be sitting on a pedal at its bottom point of the arc, with your leg fully extended. This is only for when you are fully confident with your balance, and there is nothing wrong with having the seat much lower than this to build your confidence, if you aren't riding long distances like that.

Check the saddle height adjustment - apologies if this comes across as too obvious.

And welcome to the site!

Edit:  I just saw Snowy's post, and your reply. Maybe you do need a smaller bike for the moment.

Why not try to lower your seat post down to fit?
Medium size should fit you.
How about show a picture of your seat post on here, so we can see if it can be lowered or not?

It's already at its lowest.

Thanks for asking though. I didn't mention that.

I think that you need a small sized bike so you can touch the ground.

As you've had your new bike for 3 months. I don't know if you can exchange it to small size. Someone will help you of your consumer's right.

ps, of your edit. You can move your thread from Buy/Sell to General.
Hi Tina, I am going to ask a controversial question....are you sure you are 172cm tall? I often think I am taller than I really am. Or the other possibility is that the bike you have is not a medium. You can check by measuring the frame seat tube and if it is a medium it will be 51cm. Or another possibility is the Reid bike size guide is wrong.

Hi Kim, my height ranges from 171cm - 173cm among different rulers I've measured with in the past, so unless I shrunk since my last physical three years ago... Sure hope that's not happening to me already at 27 years old. Good point though.

I'll check the measurement of the frame. Seems unlikely that it would be wrong but good idea.

So how is it going Tina, we want to see you riding your bike. You will have noted that Wednesday is Ride to Work Day always a great day for building confidence by seeing all the various and ordinary folks who ride to work, you can too. If you promise to not tell anyone I will let you in on my secret, I live really close to the city so walk instead of riding but on ride to work day I get along to one of the event sites anyway, just to see the people. If you are still not up to the full ride then catch the train to Kings Cross or Martin Place or Central and ride the short and level distance from there and you might then find you can ride to work or home, good luck.

Hi Bill, thanks for the check up of confidence. I'll admit I'm still really apprehensive and tomorrow I'm going to Toowoomba for work for a day, so I'll miss the ride to work event. You are right though I can still leverage trains and walking with the bike for the difficult roads.


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