Sydney Bike Share Scheme starts July 2017 ("6000 bikes within 6 months")

From the Sydney Cycling Herald, this will be interesting

[for the time poor the summery is that rival Asian Bike Share companies are setting up in Sydney & Melbourne.]

I hope these turn out to be roaring financial successes but there is reason to have doubt, perhaps the flexibility of the app and return almost anywhere will be key to overcoming previous problems.

And a rehash of the same story but with a bit more detail on the specific plans for Sydney says, "..first 160 bikes will ship from China on Monday, but the plan is to put 6000 bikes on greater Sydney's streets within six months.."

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Wynyard station last night, around 7pm - on the western side of Wynyard Park, in York St.


It stated at $1.99 for 1/2hr but nothing of 1hr,2hrs+ prices.

Maybe find out the prices when download the app. I`m not interested in to download it.

some outside central, as of yet motionless.

They have already been pushed to a more out of the way location between the ferry wharves, somewhat chaos down there with Light Rail road / footpath closures, Bastille Day activities & market stalls and almost last day of school holidays crowds. I notice that the helmets are now locked on by the rear roller lock rather than hanging "free" from the handlebars, perhaps they went missing?. Not attracting any interest and none seen mobile.

You have to drop $99 to register... that put me off. I am not confident this scheme will last or not be subject to some stupid government regulations that kill it off (other than MHL).

So I won't register even though this is exciting and I really hope the scheme takes off!

The furthest I've seen a bike is Beverly Hills. Do we know if the bike will automatically lock if GPS detects you to be heading outside the zone? If it locked up whilst you are travelling that would be uncool.


They don't mention any of that on their website

According to the app, it's a $99 registration fee which is fully refundable on membership cancellation. I guess its at risk if the company goes under before you cancel, but hopefully not.

If you sign up before 15/07 you get a $100 free credit.

I've looked at the map and there are a couple near me so was going to sign-up and check it out...  then got to this in the user agreement:

In order to access the service you must be a registered user.  To register you need to supply name, address, credit card (all obviously), then a copy of photo identification?

Then clause (c) You will become a registered user once Reddy Go has notified you in writing that your application has been accepted.

So, I guess I won't be riding down to world square for lunch.  :-(

Also, there is some other weird stuff in the terms and conditions like agreeing to not consume any alcohol prior to using a bicycle.  

There also seem to be a large number of clauses as to how Reddy Go can claim back your 'refundable' deposit so there is a lot of faith that you need to put in this company that they are going to be fair and reasonable.  Oh, and to get your deposit back you need to cancel in writing which they will refund to you in 14 days, as long as they don't change the terms and conditions which it says they can do at any time without notice and that they can vary the 'value' of your credits at any time without notice (surge pricing?)

Maybe I'm just being too attentive but it all seems a bit excessive for something that should be quick

The utility for visitors and the effect on their Sydney experience will be interesting

I think the $99 deposit and the copy of photo ID will put a huge dent in the spontaneous utility side of things...


It will I am sure.

I wouldn't be willing to hand over either but I can see why they want those things.

I spent most of the day wandering around the city, Circular Quay, Rocks, Wynyard, Town Hall.....and didn't see any red bikes anywhere at all, all gone somewhere else?

Couple of related articles in Sunday Herald including a road test of Reddy Bikes and a "please be nice to bicycles" editorial.


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