Sydney Bike Share Scheme starts July 2017 ("6000 bikes within 6 months")

From the Sydney Cycling Herald, this will be interesting

[for the time poor the summery is that rival Asian Bike Share companies are setting up in Sydney & Melbourne.]

I hope these turn out to be roaring financial successes but there is reason to have doubt, perhaps the flexibility of the app and return almost anywhere will be key to overcoming previous problems.

And a rehash of the same story but with a bit more detail on the specific plans for Sydney says, "..first 160 bikes will ship from China on Monday, but the plan is to put 6000 bikes on greater Sydney's streets within six months.."

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Large covered truck seen leaving Crookwell Saturday morning, returning Sunday.

I saw some at Blues Point on Sunday. 

One already had a broken tail light ...........

And this is how the news of alternate forms of transport is presented to the people. (from - in the motoring section - yesterday it was on their front page)

I can't even being to fix that headline - it's so wrong it's beyond redemption.

I'm a person and I don't hate cyclists. I'm also a motorist and I don't think dockless bicycles will be a reason for me to hate anyone although I must admit I'm "hating" motorists who use mobile phones when driving.

I've got a more appropriate headline:

"Another reason people will BECOME cyclists"

Spotted a couple of bikes parked near the bike racks at East Village Zetland/Victoria Park last night, and one off the side of the Bourke St Cycleway in Surry Hills this morning, so they are making their way around. 

I feel like this bike scheme needs a hero.

They should of gotten some celeb to be seen riding one around.

Or get a semi serious rider to do Palm Beach return - thats sure to draw attentiona nd make people think it can't be that hard to ride one locally...

I see lots of the bikes but am yet to see anyone riding one.


A sample of the Reddy Go red bike to be launched in Sydney.

Bike share hits Manly.

Seen on Monday, about 50 Reddy Gos (Reddy Goes?), all nice and new, distributed near the wharf, along the ocean beach up as far as Queenscliff and at a few other places in the commercial area and on the level areas of Manly. This must have been done very recently, just in the past week.

As bicycle ownership and usage is very high in this area it will be interesting to see how the share bikes work out.

The existing bike hire shop might get a shock, as their charges are quite high, and in my estimation their bikes are not well maintained as I have a few times assisted tourists far from the shop with mechanical issues.

update from the Inner South is that both Reddy Go and O Bike are being increasingly well utilised - and we only got our O Bikes last Tuesday. 

O Bikes (grey and yellow) don't seem to be geared, but are cheaper to sign up ($69 v $99 start up for Reddy Go). O bike has a Uber like points rating system so you can earn or lose points depending on how you treat the system. Drop below a certain amount of point and the costs to hire escalate, and if you keep abusing you lose more points and the ability to hire at all. 

Haven't seen any real dodgy behaviour. Have seen a few people in work uniforms riding on the cycleways. Things looking promising in the inner south. 

Those oBikes sprouted up like crazy in Mascot on Tuesday. Every second light pole has one next to it now. Some randomly placed on corners near businesses and apartment blocks.

Might join up next week and ride one home. Will be slightly cheaper than the bus and take the same amount of time.

Two at Maroubra Beach today.

I saw an o-bike cable-tied with about 6 cable ties to a pole in Ultimo this morning. I hope this type of behaviour is not an ongoing  thing.


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