Sydney Bike Share Scheme starts July 2017 ("6000 bikes within 6 months")

From the Sydney Cycling Herald, this will be interesting

[for the time poor the summery is that rival Asian Bike Share companies are setting up in Sydney & Melbourne.]

I hope these turn out to be roaring financial successes but there is reason to have doubt, perhaps the flexibility of the app and return almost anywhere will be key to overcoming previous problems.

And a rehash of the same story but with a bit more detail on the specific plans for Sydney says, "..first 160 bikes will ship from China on Monday, but the plan is to put 6000 bikes on greater Sydney's streets within six months.."

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I use a Melbourne Bike Share helmet that I purchased for $5, its a bit gross but very comfortable.

I've got a Melbourne Bike share helmet too :)

Sansouci is a wonderful name to associate with bicycling, from the French as I understand, sans souci meaning without a worry, care free would be nice, but that'd be stretching the translation too far I guess.

Saw 6 or so O Bikes parked in Norton St and nearby, awaiting users. Some next to parking sign poles, some on grass verges, some fallen over. Bit rando, maybe they would be better off if there were "designated" parking spots, like Goget gets.

Also an article in the IWCourier, saying there were "hundreds in Balmain and surrounding areas", and there has been "feedback" labelling them visual pollution, along with the orange painted kiddy bikes advertising (without any words etc) for a fitness centre on Darling St. Good to see, I reckon, getting bikes some notice.

Is one to assume then that the hundreds if not thousands of cars parked "in Balmain and surrounding areas" somehow pale to insignificance in the visual pollution stakes compared to these relatively very few hideous bicycles?

On Twitter, retweet by @fietsprofessor that dockless bikes are all being removed in Amsterdam.

'About 400 dockless bikes removed because of obstructive parking'
Rest will be done under law against commercial use of public space...
Fietsen in Amsterdam @FietsAmsterdam
Momenteel zijn er ongeveer 400 deelfietsen verwijderd vanwege te lang of hinderlijk parkeren. Later volgt verwijdering op basis van 2.50 APV

More on

I am regularly out n about on my bike within the city and surrounding metro areas. I amazed at how many of these units are out there. I witnessed more in use today than I have since their inception. I discover some parked (or left) in the most obscure locations. The warmer weather, I hope, will encourage higher use participation

I wish the promoters well with their venture. My own thoughts are that their standardized general exposure makes a firm visual statement that bicycles have a place in this increasingly congested city.

Heaps in Leichhardt yesterday. Good timing for the council elections next weekend.

Saw one in a side street that had been hoiked up on a sandstone ledge, might have been parked blocking the footpath.

I've ridden a ReddyGo bike twice now. Handy for trips of a few kilometres. The gearing is very poor though. I never took it out of first gear. I do a lot of riding in Sydney but struggled to make it up even slight hill on these bike. Had to be out of the saddle most of the time.

Anyone tried an o-bike, they don't appear to have any gears at all and the chain case is fairly big, presumably containing a big ring which would made inclines a problem. Wonder what research went into configuring both the share bikes for Sydney

I've tried an o-bike, and yes, I had to get out of the saddle on a relatively modest incline. I'd say the gear is a bit high - seems to be configured for flat riding.

I saw someone on an o bike the other day out of the saddle up Miller Street in Pyrmont. It didn't look like it was easy going. I haven't tried one myself yet. 


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