Sydney Bike Share Scheme starts July 2017 ("6000 bikes within 6 months")

From the Sydney Cycling Herald, this will be interesting

[for the time poor the summery is that rival Asian Bike Share companies are setting up in Sydney & Melbourne.]

I hope these turn out to be roaring financial successes but there is reason to have doubt, perhaps the flexibility of the app and return almost anywhere will be key to overcoming previous problems.

And a rehash of the same story but with a bit more detail on the specific plans for Sydney says, "..first 160 bikes will ship from China on Monday, but the plan is to put 6000 bikes on greater Sydney's streets within six months.."

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>I really hope not, but a combination of a lot of bikes being kicked over and scattered over the pavements by drunks coupled with Screwball complaining about how they are all over the footpaths could become a political issue...

I'm unsure of the business model but it seems to be - create a startup, get a lot of cheap bikes, attract venture capital, profit. I don't know about the longevity of these companies and in the cities I've visited which have them I've seen plenty of these cheap bikes seemingly abandoned in various states of disrepair. I do wonder if after the euphoria of several hundred million dollars of startup capital wears off the maintenance and other requirements of a non docking station model will be too much of a burden. Certainly in Australia vandalism and complaints about bicycles parked ("abandoned") all over the place will likely be a huge headwind to their success.

It is a big stretch to think what is happening in China with undocked sharing bikes could be transplanted to Sydney. Dan's summary is excellent. Years ago I heard that in Paris people ride the bikes downhill and late at night, every night, trucks are used to relocate to the docking stations that get depleted.

They give incentives if you return the bikes uphill too I believe.

Yeah I can't imagine the China problem happening here... (photo of police compound with seized bicycles)

But I can imagine NSW councils and the police seizing and disposing of "abandoned" bike share bicycles.

Here's hoping it is a rip roaring success even though I expect it won't be - what with MHLs and the general antipathy towards cycling.

If you use it alot then $2 a pop might be add up a bit.

I wonder if they have some kind of yearly membership, like some schemes around.

Integration with the Opal card would be great, provided the cost was competitive with the alternatives.......... 

Don't forget to tap off- how would that work?


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