I was down in the big smoke yesterday and had a bit of time to fill in so I visited one of the well known CBD bike shops.  I was aghast at the prices you mob are being charged for things.  I don't know whether it goes across the whole range of things, but just a comparison for Conti Ultragatorskin tyres ('cos I'm interested in them at present) showed the following prices

Sydney cbd lbs $99-$110
Newcastle lbs $60-$80
Chain Reaction Cycles and Wiggle - both UK internet shops <$40

All of this for the same tyre!  You're being suckered boys and girls, especially if this price disparity extends across their whole range of stocks.

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Something about the disparity in rental between Syd, Newc and various websites comes to mind...
I understand this Neil, but does rental represent such a high component of their costs to make it necessary to add a 50% loading in Sydney when compared to Newcastle? I doubt it! I think that Naomi might have hit the nail on the head too!

I also noticed that Wiggle are selling Surly LHT at about $1600, only $200 less than Cheeky, which makes Cheeky look good!
Not all Sydney shops are equal:)
True Woolys wheels makes Clarence St look like a benevolent society, but in general Australian retail prices are just ridiculous, most parts are around a third higher here than in the US. A classic example A set of Vaude front and rear panniers (Discovery pro):-

Woolys Wheels (online) - A$578
moruyabicycles.com.au - A$426 (On special/Delivered)
bikebagshop.com - A$369 (On special/Delivered)
Also, Wiggle are buying things like tyres for a lot less than your local shop are.

It sucks both for the consumer, and the bike shop who is forced to buy from a local distributor.

For the record, Wiggle are out of stock until mid feb of those particular tyres, so if you order you'll be put in the queue behind me!

(Damn Brisbane bogans and their habit of throwing glass on the roads).
If anyone is thinking of buying a bike off an overseas site make sure they ship to Australia before you get too excited over the prices. Not all will ship a bike to Australia and sometimes some brands will be shipped while others won't all from the same site.
And if you are ordering from a US supplier who will actually ship to Australia, be prepared for a shock when you determine the freight cost. It seems that US suppliers charge at leasst $30-$40 for any delivery, no matter how small.
They offered free freight anywhere in the world..until we said Australia and were then told they are not allowed to ship here.
Jensons will ship stuff here for a reasonable amount (we bought Sam's LHT frame that way).

I got my first order through Wiggle yesterday, and I have to say I'm really impressed with them. The speed of shipping, and the update emails were great.

I buy a lot of stuff through local shops, but when I need a bunch of things at once I'll do a web order (a few friends and I used to pool together on PBK orders, tyres mainly). However I just bought some tyres, a new pump, and some tubes and bits and pieces. With the free shipping and a $40 coupon it ended up costing me about $160. If I'd bought the same stuff in any of the shops I've been into up here it would have been well over $350. It's hard to argue with that
Hard to justify it being 50% more expensive when it all comes out of the same factory.

Wiggle are great - the fact they will put products on back orders is worthy alone. I recently bought 4 pairs of socks and a couple of other items, about $100 all up. Because various items were out of stock they shipped the order in four consignments - at their cost!

One thing I've noticed about both wiggle and PBK is that they don't appear to deduct the full 19% VAT for Australian orders. Try valuing an order for delivery to the UK in AUD, then do the same changing the delivery location to Australia (deduct any postage costs) and you'll find it isn't 19% cheaper. So although they're great value they're still ripping you off! Either that or subsidising their low postage costs with the VAT saving.
Just a couple of comments on the VAT thing.

The UK VAT has been at 15% for the last couple of years, and I believe returned to 17.5% on the 1st of January.

Now that it's at 17.5% the way to calculate what the price should be with the tax removed is to multiply by 0.851


At the previous 15% rate the multiplier would have been 0.87 (100/115)
Thanks, I think the mistake I made was to use the German rate. Point still remains, if you take the price you're charged by them for living in Australia and add VAT on, its still higher than the UK price.

Not that I'm complaining because its still cheaper than buying locally.


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