Sydney CBD/Surrounding areas - Bike Theft levels high

Figured it was worth starting a new thread (title is more accurate)


Reported thefts from Circular Quay last week:

(bike was cable locked)

Milsons Point had bikes stolen last week too - bike locks were cut through

Just reported - One of our buildings (Centre of CBD) had bikes stolen last week - locks were cut through


So it seems there's definetely a gang going around & cleaning up.


Woth chatting with your employer & directing them to:

If your workplace isnt up to Aust Standards, with good CCTV then i'd say bikes at desk unles they accept liability.


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....bikes at desk....Why desk?

I park rest mine in the board room.



I lock my second hand mountain bike (worth $300?) using a solid U-lock, in an underground car-park with secure entry (with an entry ramp 50m long making it very difficult to tailgate unnoticed), rammed with CCTV and housing the headquarters of the Australian Federal Police (including a number of their vehicles in the basement).  When I went to fetch my bike last week there was in fact an officer sitting in his car right across from my bike (eating what I stereotypically presume to be a donut). When I thanked him for guarding my bike, he replied "All part of the service!!".


Do I possibly qualify as the only person in Sydney who definitely isn't going to have his bike nicked from work?


naah the sports loving nation of criminals will step up to this challenge
You have a point there.  Must admit when I was filling in my residency application and it asked "do you have a criminal record" I nearly put "No, I didn't know it was still a requirement".

I saw someone at work arguing with security when he tried to take his bike up to the office and security didnt budge. We have bike cages but they keep cutting through them. Security then throws some sheet metal down and they work out some other way in. I was keen to upgrade my 11 year old Trek 1000 but considering I dont lock my baby and 2 bikes in the same cage have been stolen, I think I will keep it.

Have you considered getting a lock?!  They're quite effective, especially if they are stronger than the one on the next bike!


Hi Nate, do you have any details on exactly what kind of locks (chain/u-lock/heavy duty or light..) were cut through and how (bolt cutters/saw,etc)?

no - unfortunately not.

Have a squizz on there was a great thread & youtube video about lock types & how to use them (VERY important) correctly.

I believe they use a carjack for D locks and a dremel can be used for most other types.

If you are able to leave your chain tied to the racks at work, and therefore not have to carry it around on the bike, you may as well go with something really meaty.


I'm now using a motorcycle chain made by Burg Wachter, available at motorcycle shops. Weighs a bomb, but hopefully makes the crooks look for something easier on an adjacent bike.

BAU it seems...

Just heard from a mate that some bikes went missing overnight from his old building - 100 Arthur St North Sydney.

You need proximity cards to access after hours too!

BAU?, I asked Google.

Benzylacyclouridine was what it suggested as one possibility.

I am learning lots today.

(Prolly shood be work'n but.)

Working?  My guess is that you are one of the following:

a: a copywriter

b: a cricket statistician

c: a teacher

d: a copywriting statistics teacher.


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