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Today in Liverpool St, damn lucky to have that cycleway as parking is hard to find in the city these days

And, Sydney's narrowest cycle path (Gresham St), suppose it is the thought that counts, we know what they mean, it is bi-directional too

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With regards to the first picture, there does appear to be a crane operating in the cycleway. Sometimes traffic lanes need to be closed down so works can be completed. Frustrating, but it happens.

The thing is tho they must lay on an alternative. Which is two alternatives for a bi-di in effect.

And control the signals, because if someone salmons to solve the bi-di removal towards the camera, they also have to trigger the lantern.

They could be lazy and just point to the road as an alternative.

The lack of traffic control/alternative directions/warnings signs is pretty common though. Encounter it a lot on Bourke Rd/St.

road is a one way street and it's a two way bike path.

but never mind, the cross city cycling infrastructure stops one block further up, where it's still a one way st, so pesky cyclists should be used to this.

Oh, it doesn't stop. It just forces everyone to take a right turn away from where half the people using the cycleway want to go.

That's if you're patient enough to wait for the green bike lantern.

Yep. You see this sorta thing with private companies in public spaces all the time. I don't know if that's council or government infrastructure they're working on, but providing a safe alternative path would have to be a contractual obligation for any of this sort of activity on public roads.

And it's not just the bike path they've impacted, the footpath also looks to be completely blocked...

Probably that hi-vized figure partially visible in the foreground is tasked to bark: "oi, you gotta go on the other side of street", and that's the extent of their commitment to public safety. For the sake of speed, they take the risk they won't be found out and pocket the on-time completion bonus.

CoS to manage this eh.

Ring CoS, complain that the works pose an immediate public safety hazard due to lack of bicycle traffic control and an alternate route.  Do it every time.  12 months later Sydney Council cycling dept has an argument to council regarding traffic control alternates during works.  12 months later works plans start having friendly irish traffic controllers directing us into a road lane for bidi.

CoS do respond to grinding public reporting strategies, particularly when you mention public safety and have a real point.


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