Since launching this site I've wanted to do jerseys, but it always seemed like a big job to me, getting a design, funding it, ordering enough etc. But it can actually be a lot easier than that, you guys just need to help!


Here's how it's going to work.....


First up, we're going to have a big of a design competition. I've attached a blank jersey template, any designers out there (or non designers if you've got some good ideas) can take this template and design what YOU think a Sydney Cyclist jersey should be. It doesn't need to be perfect, we can polish it in the last stage, it's more about showing everyone what you think it should look like.


We'll probably leave this open for the next week or so.


Next up, I'll collect the designs and we're going to vote on them. So you guys get to pick the jersey. Once we have a winner I'm going to get people who want one (or more) to put their name down. When I have the numbers we'll do the order.


Sound good ?


So, grab the template and start designing!

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+1 for the Clover and AJ design. Does anyone else think the little white mark below AJ's mouth looks like a Dracula tooth?

hahaha awesome (i would never wear this)
funny as ...  (i was gonna say HELL, but that place is not so funny I presume) 

I would wear a t-shirt with the artwork on it. oh yes

Any ideas yet about how much this finery will cost?


OK so this is rough as anything, and I just realized that we might not be able to do this due to the panel arrangement on offer?

But oh well. I couldn't quite get the dark blue I was after, and the stripes were meant to be the website colour scheme

hey thanks! Vote the donut!


this will do


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