Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority - crackdown on bicycle parking?

Has anybody else noticed that bicycles parked in The Rocks have been getting tags attached to them from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority? Basically stating that there is legislation that prohibits parking bicycles outside designated bicycle parking areas and the bike may be impounded. I'll post a photo when I'm in front of my PC.

This seems crazy that what's legal in the city becomes illegal when you cross some invisible boundary into The Rocks.

Does anybody know about this?
Has anybody actually had their bike removed from a pole on the street by the foreshore authority?
Does anybody work for the authority that can comment here?

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Attached to some kind of bike parking (like the ring things CoS are using) or just locked to a pole (eg parking sign)?

Do they say where their designated bicycle parking is?


Be interesting to get an opinion on impounding. That sounds dodgy.

Unless it is a wind-up, I'll suspect there's some officially qualified bozo at work.


Good if bike numbers are a problem for them tho, hey ho they might need to put in some secure parking for us...

The legal ability to control parking is specifically assigned in their legislation, as well as pretty much any power that would normally be vested in a council.   They control all of pyrmont, and they control the rocks all the way back up to the sydney harbor bridge approach.

They have 1 rack I'm aware of in pyrmont.  Its not badly placed for visiting one of the apartment blocks.  I'm not aware of any racks in the rocks, I am however aware of a motor vehicle parking station.

I think if they are serious about attempting to implement such a policy, it should be seriously matched by signage on poles locating nearby cycle parking locations, and increase of cycle parking facilities.  The ideal approach is to push the kerb out for 1 parking spot in the middle of main journey areas and place racking for at least 12 or so bikes in that position.  That is then plainly visible to cyclists - not obscured by parked cars, and easily described on a sub sign on a pole to direct cyclists to the right spot, without having to add further signage for people that are actually currently moving.

A quick look at legislation, far from complete, gives me the idea that enforcement of parking controls regarding bicycles would be ultra vires.

The rules seem to be around motor vehicles, at least via a quicky looky.

Interestingly impounding could cause them to pay compensation, for loss of time.

They have a regulation enabling them to remove obstructions and encroachments on public space.  its in the current regulations (as well as the repealed ones they used on the laminated card shown below).

a bicycle is a private object after all, and morally should be subject to some management about where the owner can leave them, at least in a place as busy as the rocks.

clearly, be interesting to work out what's allowed and what's not

especially if untested

Reminds me of Montreal where they have lots of places to lock a bike. The parking metres are set back near the buildings and each one has a lockup circle.

that would also be perfectly fine.

Okay, here's a photo.

As you can (hopefully) see it's laminated paper, attached to the bicycle top-tube using a cable-tie.

This was directly outside the Museum of Contemporary Art on George Street.  Bicycle is attached to a pole, probably a parking restriction sign (no parking, no standing, no stopping).


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign, blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind .. this, don't do that, can't you read the siiiiiiiiiiiign!

A fellow Canuk I suspect?


Shame no one applied it to *that* VMS advertising the road closures for the tri.
I might drop the Authority a cheeky email tomorrow and ask the if the signs are authorised by them (could be some rogue public enemy who can Google, just not as well ,as you Kylie) and if so, are they aware the legislation they quote has been repealed.


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