Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority - crackdown on bicycle parking?

Has anybody else noticed that bicycles parked in The Rocks have been getting tags attached to them from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority? Basically stating that there is legislation that prohibits parking bicycles outside designated bicycle parking areas and the bike may be impounded. I'll post a photo when I'm in front of my PC.

This seems crazy that what's legal in the city becomes illegal when you cross some invisible boundary into The Rocks.

Does anybody know about this?
Has anybody actually had their bike removed from a pole on the street by the foreshore authority?
Does anybody work for the authority that can comment here?

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Ha, love that.

Such idiotic rigid mentality.

Similarly I was at Newtown Station and asked a station employee "Hey mate, do you know where I can park my bike?"

"I don't ride a bike"

"Erm, great. Cool story, bro. Do you know where I can park my bike?"



Seriously, I'd love him working in a hospital. "Do you know where oncology is?" "No because I've not got cancer!"

sounds like someone is being a jobs worth

I can't see where they've been jerks thus far.   They have a nice card that identifies for the rider where the parking is, and they didn't take the bike, damage it or fine the owner.  A bike probably won't get moved until most of the rangers recognise it from multiple events or a long stay.

The only debate is - is there enough bike parking, and is it a reasonable distance from all points within their control.  ie I shouldn't expect to have to walk half of their jurisdiction because they have insufficient bicycle parking, some of the parking is insecure or its not close to one end of their area of control.

Agree, I think they are being reasonable thus far. Assuming they haven't actually impounded people's bikes.


I'm not sure that there's enough parking, especially since it Circular Quay a transport interchange. I guess we'll see that unfold as more cycling is done. At least you can take your bike on a train or on a ferry.

Agree, It does look like they have been polite and helpful thus far. 

The one thing to challenge however is : what purpose is this? What does it serve? Why can one not chain a bike to that location for a short period, i.e.: not overnight?

Motor vehicles and bikes are usually the only private property that people seek to store in public spaces (other than garbage skips at anyrate).   I've no doubt they are pretty quick to fine incorrectly stored motor vehicles, and they clearly limit storage of motor vehicles well below the total capacity of the site in deference to pedestrian amenity.

Email sent:
Dear SHFA,
I recently became aware of the attached signs being placed on parked bicycles around The Rocks in Sydney. I have three questions:
1) Are these warning signs officially sanctioned by the SHFA, as the sign appears to indicate?
2) If the answer to question 1 above is "yes", is the SHFA aware that the legislation quoted has been repealed (see:
3) If the anwer to question 1 above is "no", is the SHFA taking any action to investigate who is placing these signs on the Authority's behalf?
Kind regards,
WKYP on any reply.
This is awesome. Who'd have thought this would be such a popular little topic for discussion.  I'm looking forward to hearing what reply we get from Sit Ubu's email.

I'm sure the Authority is staffed by reasonable human beings and not crazy anti-bike monsters.  We just don't know the full story behind the signs yet.
Thanks all!
Oh, I nearly forgot: there's possibly a weird irony in all this...

In the Christmas silly season the rocks market ran an extended season, trading during for more than their usual times (I forget the details, but it's not important).  Does anybody remember what they did to promote this?  Yes, bikes locked to poles all around the rocks.  There were a lot of them too; hard to say how many but everywhere you turned there seemed to be another bike promoting the rocks market!!

Yes, and the Australian Hotel had a bike parked outside which was promoting beer.  Gucci better watch out or their bike will get impounded.

And the reply received overnight:

Dear Mr Ubu,

Regarding your email it appears that yes those signs are SHFA warning sign, and it appears a Ranger has used an old warning sign all those signs should of all been updated, this matter has been corrected and a reason why the sign was placed was that bike racks have been installed and this was to provide corrective actions to educate cyclists of the bike racks that have been positioned in safe areas under CCTV surveillance to reduce theft and or damage to property as well as reduce obstructions to stakeholders in the precinct. Thankyou for letting us know that there was an issue and we hope this issue doesn’t happen again. 



So apart from the poor grammar and sentence structure, good on them for a) responding promptly, b) answering the specific questions and c) taking action to correct the issue. Although I doubt the main reason for this is to serve the best interests of cyclists (i.e. the placement of bike racks in safe areas) at least those facilities exist - I haven't seen them to comment on whether the number and location is adequate. But any bike rack is better than no bike rack, and one in a "safe" area with CCTV (good luck getting your hands on the tape should you ever need it...) is better still.



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