Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority - crackdown on bicycle parking?

Has anybody else noticed that bicycles parked in The Rocks have been getting tags attached to them from the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority? Basically stating that there is legislation that prohibits parking bicycles outside designated bicycle parking areas and the bike may be impounded. I'll post a photo when I'm in front of my PC.

This seems crazy that what's legal in the city becomes illegal when you cross some invisible boundary into The Rocks.

Does anybody know about this?
Has anybody actually had their bike removed from a pole on the street by the foreshore authority?
Does anybody work for the authority that can comment here?

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I've no problem with them lying to us about what might happen if we park there, so long as it's in everyone's best interests. And it looks like it is. Having bikes locked all over the shop isn't ideal, so if they provide more parking, great stuff. And a simple note is ok, and will help identify bikes that have been there for weeks at a time. 

PS When can I nick an abandoned bike? Is a month OK?

ehome an abandoned bike?"

If the weather holds I'll detour and check them out tonight.  Last time I went to the rocks I just locked it to a pole. 

Good result Mr Ueber-Sus


I was going to suggest you ask them about parking capacity, but hey there is half an answer there already.

As you suggest, we oughta go check them out. Perhaps I should go home by govt yacht tonight thereby transiting via the area.


Almost as much fun as strolling around Newtown & St Peters last month verifying that 'traffic' had been removed ;-)

It might come to this

(don't click on the link whatshouldiputonthefence in the article as the sites now a blackjack gaming add, hopefully not some diabolical Trojan thingo or I am ruined)

It is here though

I suspect that this may be in response to some of the local bars around the place using bikes as advertising. They seem to buy a cheap broken down bike, attach an advertising sign and then lock the bike to a post in a prominent position and leave it there. There have been several along the north end of Kent Street in the past few weeks.




Surely they can see the difference between a commuter's bike and an advertising bike? But considering the rambling, grammatically weak reply from the SFHA rep, maybe not surprising. But surely all they have to do is contact the company advertising on the bike?


I see lots of bicycles chained to poles around the suburbs and suspect that these are the replacement for shoes over the power lines as a 'designated' drug dealing locality. I have been meaning to ask my local friendly policeman about whether my theory is correct.

Many of these bikes are quite serviceable but there are too many for it simply to be the odd de-licenced drunk who forgot where he left his bike.

If this is the case then I can understand the SHFA wanting rid of 'stray' bikes. If not, they are simply bastards.


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