Sydney Metro Stage 2 Chatswood to Bankstown (submissions close Friday 17th July 2015)


Received this today.  When I attended the public forum a few weeks ago in Chatswood, Barangaroo was down (page 22) as an optional station in the Project Overview dated June 2015.  How quickly things change.

As per the Project overview

Projected start date 2017, final completion 2024

New stations

from Chatswood -Bankstown

Artarmon Industrial Area (optional)

St Leonards or Crows Nest

North Sydney(Victoria Cross)

Barangaroo (was an optional station)

Martin Place

Pitt St


Waterloo or University of Sydney (optional)

then on the existing line re jigged for Metro trains



Dulwich Hill

Hurlstone Park





Wiley Park


The email I received below


Good afternoon,

Anyone interested in plans for Sydney Metro City & Southwest is encouraged to lodge a submission by Friday 17 July, the final day submissions can be received.

Submissions can take any written form and relate to any aspect of the plans for Stage 2 of Sydney Metro. Submissions can be made via the website or by return email.

Community information sessions were held in eight communities between Bankstown and Chatswood during June and attracted nearly 800 locals, where project experts were able to answer questions.

The Project Overview outlines the full scope of current plans and options for Sydney Metro City & Southwest, which can be downloaded at

You have been sent this email because we’d like to keep you informed about the Sydney Metro City & Southwest Project.

If you would no longer like to receive project updates, please reply with ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject box.

Sydney Metro
Transport for NSW

 T  1800 171 386



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What's your view on this development?

 I think it is great, however in my idealistic world there would be a criss-cross of lines perpendicular to each other right across the Greater Sydney area.  People could then get to pretty much anywhere by train then use the other active transport modes.  My work colleague lives in Rouse Hill.  He is looking forward to the day he can train to St Leonards instead of relying on a bus that comes at best every 15 minutes in peak vs a Metro of every 4 mins minimum at opening.

Barangaroo will have a small to medium town of workers there as it matures, so perhaps a neccesary evil despite my misgivings about the actual decision choice

For this forum

Proper storage facilities for bicycles at station.  '00 to '000 reflecting the strategic nature of the train.  Not like St Leonards station for example.  There are literally a handful there.  I'm not sure what has happened in stage 1 of the Metro in this regard.  Those underground ones like they have in Japan for example.

Signage to find these parking facilities

Proper vestibules on the metro trains to move bicycles point to point via train

Easy accessability to get from street level to the train and in reverse.  That means escalators up and down and elevators on cable drive as opposed to hydraulic hoist

Train station a Crows Nest rather than St Leonards.  reason  Increase the area by which PEOPLE can access a train station nearby to home or work.

Put simply very excited but cognisant that active transport will be let down badly again.  Essentially I think the Public consultation is a load of crap. 


Yes, you have to wonder about the public consultation process when they arbitrarily announce that optional things are now set in stone, so to speak. Reminds of the so-called consultation before the Artarmon station "easy access" project which basically ignored all community submissions and went ahead with putting in a lift which people who need easy access from the east side can't access without driving to it by which time they might as well drive/be driven to where they need to go.

I must confess to having given bicycle facilities no thought in this project. Yes, there should be lots.

As a local resident and a keen bushcarer in Artarmon Reserve, my main concern is that the PRICELESS bush of the Reserve, a unique remnant of the original area granted to early settler William Gore, must not be touched. It is a little-known fact that the railways own a long slice of the bush outside the chainlink fence down to the lower car park and the walking track parallel to the train line. If the new rail line does not go underground to an (optional) Artarmon Industrial Area (AIA) station, this bush is highly likely to be destroyed as part of construction of the extra tracks running between Artarmon and St Leonards. There are endangered ecological communities and species (specifically epacris purpurascens, var. purpurascens) in this strip which can never be replaced if bulldozed.

When you make a submission, please strongly support the AIA station as a win/win. Preserves bush, increases the PT catchment, reduces traffic, parking & pedestrian issues in AIA. Similarly, as you have noted, a new station at Crows Nest offers great benefits.

Sydney really needs more investment in public transport and more rail crossings of the harbour, so those aspects are great, but the way the Metro is being built is absurd.

It is cannibalising existing rail lines for large parts of its length it so it isn't extending coverage or capacity in any meaningful way that couldn't have been done by extending the existing network. It's also stealth privatisation of public transport.

Like WestConnex, the Metro is in the end for the most part just a way of getting public money into private hands, public good be dammed.

The other thing about this project is that if frees up a couple of slots on the city circle, allowing a few more trains to come from the west, a line that's suffering overcrowding at peak periods.

For me personally, I catch the train at Sydenham, it will give me a few more trains, which is not a big deal as they are already frequent at Sydenham and it will give me direct access to the north side, no need to change trains

First, to clear up a couple of points from the posts above -

Bikes WILL be allowed on Metro.  This was not the case on the earlier (Labor, 2009) proposal.

The route and station locations will be announced in the "Update Reference Design" due for release in Q4 2015.

Note that submissions to be submitted closing this Friday, 17.7.15, are to relate specifically to the "Metro City & Southwest" project, from Chatswood to Bankstown.  Train design features closed long ago and cannot and will not be considered now, so don't waste your brainpower.

Second, the Action for Public Transport submission is at -

or go to and click on the topic at the top of the left-hand column on the home page.  It deals with interchange between present and future lines.


This is important. Please register at the Sydney Metro site, take the survey and Make. A. Submission. NOW.

To make it super easy for you, I have posted what I sent them. Feel free to steal any/all without accreditation. If you don't want to read all my waffle, just steal the heading and make that your submission:

Artarmon Industrial Area underground station with comprehensive bicycle access/parking facilities is essential.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on what is an exciting and much needed public transport project which, if built correctly, could be a wonderful addition to the transport mix on the North Shore. If, however, it is built in the wrong place it could cause severe damage to the environment and fail to maximise benefits for users.

Willoughby City Council believes, and I concur, that the Sydney Metro could provide easy access to public transport for an estimated 500,000 passengers if TfNSW pursues the option for new underground stations at Crows Nest and the Artarmon Industrial Area. Please adopt the alternative of an underground line from Chatswood with stations to serve the fast-developing employment hub of Artarmon Industrial Area (AIA) and the retail and residential centre of Crows Nest.

The project provides a vital upgrade that will relieve pressure across existing transport networks and provide greater access to public transport for our community with the opportunity to consider new underground stations in areas not currently serviced by train. The alternative option of duplicating the existing line between Chatswood and St Leonards will not increase access to public transport in the same way as the proposed new underground stations and will not benefit Artarmon directly at all, instead likely having the opposite effect.

Artarmon is a significant employment hub, a function which must be preserved while minimising impact on local bushland and heritage, noise and traffic in the planning and operational stages for the new stations. 

Residents and bushcarers working with Willoughby Council to protect native plants and wildlife in Artarmon Reserve for the last two decades strongly oppose any plan to add more above-ground tracks to the North Shore line between Chatswood and St Leonards.

 Extra train lines would require extending the embankment further into the rail corridor, which maps show includes bushland previously thought to be part of the reserve. This could reach as far as the walking track leading to Artarmon Oval, which is used by hundreds of residents, school children and visitors for recreation each week, and would result in massive disruption, noise and upheaval for local residents and Reserve users alike. It would render the decades of work by the many community bushcarers completely irrelevant, pointless and a waste of their time. This will quite simply engender extreme anger and despair in the community.

 Construction of new above-ground rail lines would threaten many mature eucalyptus trees and native plants which provide a wonderful bushland environment for residents and visitors and a critical habitat for native animals, insects and birds. Artarmon Reserve contains one of the most readily accessible areas of native bushland in Willoughby, the only bushland in Artarmon and, as an example of the endangered ecological community of Sydney turpentine-ironbark forest, is home to the threatened plant species epacris purpurascens var. purpurascens.

Artarmon volunteer bushcarers have been working with Willoughby Council and its professional Bush Regeneration Teams for the last 20 years to protect the reserve from invasion by introduced weeds and to restore its pristine environment. Loss of any of this bushland would further reduce the viability of this small fragment of bush on the original 150-acre grant to colonial-era NSW provost-marshal William Gore. This important wildlife corridor has been previously carved up by road, rail and service easements, and for playing fields and housing. Council and resident groups recently convinced Ausgrid to re-route major works through the Reserve because of the immense value of the bushland. The area of bush which remains in a natural state is priceless and irreplaceable.

 A rail tunnel would allow the new line to be built without disruption to existing above-ground services and minimise land resumption and compensation to private property owners, and attract far more users making it a more economic option. If, for technical reasons, the line cannot go underground to AIA, it should be underground below the existing rail easement, not above ground under any circumstances.

 An underground Metro would have the overwhelming support of residents along the existing line and those who would use the new stations. It would support commercial activity in Artarmon, Crows Nest and North Sydney and reduce road congestion and pollution around the lower North Shore, a positive outcome for all. A rail service to the Artarmon Industrial Area is the major public transport upgrade needed in this area of high and growing employment and commercial activity.

There are considerable opportunities for an AIA station to be integrated with other transport as an important hub by:

  • connecting with bus services along the M2 and linking with the existing M20 Metro Bus route now terminating in Campbell St.
  • at all new stations on the Metro line, providing plentiful, conveniently-located bicycle storage facilities such as lockers and locking U-rails and safe, unobstructed access routes via local roads to them. An essential link would be a dedicated cycleway from the existing Gore Hill Freeway bike path to a new AIA station. Surplus space in the existing rail reservation where the Metro is underground, should be dedicated to cycleroutes to give those who choose active transport safe, off-road options with excellent grades to traverse the otherwise hilly North Shore.
  • implementing new, unobstructed footpath access from all directions, to encourage pedestrian access from as wide an area as possible. Proper provision, along with attractive crossing facilities over Pacific Hwy would attract residents from the many medium- and high-density residential buildings on the Lane Cove side of the highway and from residences further afield in Greenwich.
  • careful consideration of commuter car-parking facilities, if any. Access should be prioritised from Pacific Hwy rather than from the narrow local roads of Artarmon.



Is this a public development or is  privately owned?

It's publicly funded (presumably from the poles and wires sell-off) but I think will be put out to tender for operation.

That doesn't really affect the need to get it built without environmental destruction and with max possible non-motorised transport facility integrated with it.


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