Planning documents for this station have been placed on display by the Department of Planning.  The underground station site is bounded by Botany Road, Raglan, Cope and Wellington Streets.

Bicycle parking / storage is planned for 1200 bikes, over three sites.  See drawing at -

Comment is sought, with a closing date of 30 January 2019.

Submissions can be lodged on the Department's website -

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Interesting, if I'm reading the plans right, there are 700 resident bike parking places, a COS requirement of 1 per residence, which means that there are 700 residence.  Car parking is 225 places for residents, which if I've understood the figures correctly will result in on street parking disaster, there's almost no spare parking spots on the street currently.  So I'm assuming that I am not understanding the plans correctly.

My gut feeling is that there are sufficient bike parking spots for ride and train commuters.  The closest example I can think of is Sydenham train station, though I'd think that this station would get more as there are bike paths in the area and while there's the mascot line, by cycling to this station one can catch a train to the north side without changing trains.

They are planning on a low 20% mode share for car  trips,  based they say on what is occurring in similar developments in the area, and improvements to public transport and cycling. Still only going for 5 % cycling mode share, which is what It is now! See section 4.6 in this:

Thanks Bob, my concern isn't so much to do with mode of transportation but the parking of motor vehicles.  Most people will own a moto vehicle, let's say for this discussion 75% of households.   Those vehicles will be parked somewhere and any proposal for a bike path that reduces parking would be strongly resisted by the local community 

Well, they are saying that’s not true for new residents in the area now and that they will try to keep it that way by only supplying enough car spots to meet their calculated trip numbers, based on 20% mode share. Seems amazing, but that is what the Transport Study comes up with, and what’s more RMS agrees. I guess the “local community” isn’t there yet to “strongly resist”, so  they had better build the Cycleway before residents move in.

Lets hope that 20% of trips relates to 20% ownership and more importantly the cycleway is built before they move in


I think supporting their plan makes sense, with the suggestion that on-street parking/garaging be meter parking.


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