Just a heads up that NSW's finest were back in the park this morning fining hordes of riders for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Every rider must completely stop.

One whole bunch fined, a second bunch was split with the front half being fined.

I will try to find out exactly which stop sign from Strava/Facebook posts but thought it might be of interest on here.

Business as usual for NSW.


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PS. Also this morning NSW Police were conducting speed checks on riders in Parramatta Park where limit is 30 km/h (like Centennial Park).

I don't know if anyone was fined.

Just seems really strange when the road toll is already ahead of last year that this is where the resources are directed... am I missing something?


Could it be that cyclist punishment has replaced the gay bashing of years ago as the latest "sport" for police?

Feels targeted.

It could be action taken after a complaint from motorists, residents or anyone. Or it may simply be some lazy policing, sit in the one spot and grab a couple of bunches and you made bank for the week.

Sad that it might force riders onto busier roads or off the bike completely. 


I don't understand how cyclist can be charged for speeding. There is no requirement for cyclist to have speedos, let alone accurate ones. How are we supposed to avoid speeding when we don't know what speed we are doing? Why has nobody challenged this?

So I’m going to be booked because my $30 bike computer that has never been calibrated isn’t accurate? Yes, the one that I have no legal requirement to carry on my bike?

The cops get around this with a Cycling Furiously ticket. I have not been able to confirm if anyone got one of these on Thursday morning at Parra Park and I know the cops have done speed checks in Centennial Park but again not sure if anyone got done.

Someone did post video footage of coordinated motor bike cops targeting the stop sign. The only danger from rolling through the stop sign was the motor bike cop blasting along to catch the fast riders! You can see riders having to suddenly brake for the cop - the cops being the only traffic in the park at 6:03am in the mornings.


It would be worth finding out if they are issuing 'cycling furiously' on the basis of a speed measurement. Especially since they don't have kit intended for measuring the speed of a bicycle.

They have a requirement to get 'stats' meaning a certain number of tickets issued and processed.

Interestingly it has raised the loss of demerit points to driving licence. It was discussed on Sunrise, and I think might be a bit of a grey area in the law.


The cycling & pedestrian specific penalties, including 'furiously' carry no points.

Unfortunately I suspect NSW will be able to stick points on someone's driving licence for an offence which does have points: it would be interesting if someone tests that.


For now, I see these as a punishment for being silly enough to carry ID. We won the photo ID attempt on our freedoms. It is especially silly to carry licence in the light of Duncan Gay's crazy fine regime. My own licence will expire this year, I don't intend to renew it.

As an aside I object to paying taxes (including licence fees) to NSW government because they are nobs.

Its legislatively infeasible for them to do this.    Cycling is fundamentally not a proscribed, licenced activity, motor vehicle usage was banned (ie a proscribed activity), with an allowance for licenced operators.

Bicycle use is covered by the road rules, Motor vehicle usage and the points system is covered by the motor transport acts, and furthermore the legislation surrounding it is complicated by its inherent relationship to other states.

Yep. I hope you are right.

Another loint-of-paw thing: the LEPRA. This is the instrument NSW Police have in order to force people to stop (36A and 38) also give identification (ie. name and address).

Interestingly, unlike Victoria's law about stopping which is specifically 'motor' the LEPRA talks about 'vehicle'. However... in the data dictionary in the LEPRA : "vehicle includes a registrable vehicle within the meaning of the Road Transport (Vehicle Registration) Act 1997."

It's not clear to me at all that LEPRA empowers them to ticket a cyclist who doesn't stop for plod. I'd love to know if plod has succeeded with this. I am seeing why Dunce Gay was so keen to get photo ID for cyclists up. By the look of the LEPRA it seems that we might not even have to give them identification info if we don't want to, unless they have us in custody.

Obviously refusing them name and address means plod might be motivated to arrest. BUT that's upping the ante somewhat for a mere bell, helmet, furious moment or stop sign. Muttering LEPRA generally makes and ambitious cop take a moment to reflect upon what he/she is doing.

Hypothetically, what would plod do if a bunch of riders scatter and feck off? Maybe they would collar one or two. IDK

no sympathy at all here. I regularly do laps going round Bennelong parkway and when I pass the intersection of Australia ave and kevin coombs ave I ride not in the cycle lane, not in the traffic lane next to it but the one next to that to avoid groups who don't stop and don't look and run the stop sign at high speed. Some cycling operations are certainly politically motivated, but this one is well overdue to reign in some very poor behaviour of cyclists in SOP.


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