Just a heads up that NSW's finest were back in the park this morning fining hordes of riders for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Every rider must completely stop.

One whole bunch fined, a second bunch was split with the front half being fined.

I will try to find out exactly which stop sign from Strava/Facebook posts but thought it might be of interest on here.

Business as usual for NSW.


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So I got the results of my court appeal. I pleaded guilty, and rather than attending court I sent in a (somewhat ranty and incoherent) written argument as to the mitigating circumstances.

It's attached, for your enjoyment.


The end result?

The fine was reduced from $330 to $200.

But then I was slugged by $85 costs and a $79 Victims of Crime levy, so the total bill comes to $364.

But apparently the demerit points were removed.

I'm all for victims of crime to get compensation / help. But I've been slugged for the VCL several times now for trivial cycling offences, and can't help feeling more like a victim than a criminal...

Thanks for the update.

Got to wonder if everyone contests cycling and pedestrian infringements or what ever they are called would that serve as some kind of protest?

Clog the courts up and the cost alone might get someone to have a quiet word to the over zealous men and women in blue to tone down the fining people for active travel thing.


I have been assured by my solicitor mate that you cannot lose points on your car licence for riding your bike so the removal of the demerit points was correct.

In other news a mate of mine was fined for riding on the pavement of the Pacific Highway a couple of weeks ago. He only does this for a short distance in order to cross safely at the next set of lights. There were no pedestrians in sight but the cop still pinged him as he is more than 12 years of age!

Cnr Edwin Flack and Pondage Link - looks like lights might be going in there as pressure pads have been built into Edwin Flack.

That's all we need out there, more lights.

Development and infrastructure is probably required. A lot of the riders who hit SOP pretty hard have diverted to Parramatta Park.

I saw recently (maybe on Facebook) that the Thai government built a cycling track around the main airport, it is 23 or so kilometers or uninterrupted cycle path.

Makes me wonder where (if anywhere) we could put one in Sydney? It might help less confident riders and those looking to do training rides. The M7 has that element but it is so far away for many.

Perhaps the solution is look at who currently uses certain infrastructure and instead of policing them out of it provide an alternative.


so much un/under utliised space out there just needs some vision.

eg a left hand track - Kevin Coombes/Bennelong/Hill/Pondage. Build a dedicated track, bit of infrastructure. not on the road, reclaim the unused footpaths, make it road level and separated, some pedestrian crossings etc. maybe go behind the archery to avoid the 1 area where there is other human interaction. Same concept on Hill Rd, going the other way, along the water back up through the park , even more space that is never used, except for a bit on Sundays. Half of it's already built, just build it out and safely.

Any support from CyclingNSW or other racing body for this? There is plenty of space there, but also nice to have some unused areas. Hard to avoid some pedestrian crossings as you say, but would that rule it out?

they are certainly looking at traffic volumes atm as there were human counters on the corners at Shane Gould yest and today and Dawn Frazer today.

Not sure how they counted the numbers in groups 4 an 5 as they were pretty big, and did we get counted 5 times!

They are just trying to forecast volumes of cycling fine ticketing books for their next blitz, wouldn't want to run out 

The area desperately needs a Crit Track. Our little club has no where to properly train juniors (thats getting them off training wheels and just basic bike skills up to racing).

It also serves as a nice interesting loop for people doing some exercise, people who have been hit by cars and refuse to ride on roads (I know too many).

Popular belief is they just service MAMILS. We've had no traction with any LGA.


Meanwhile.... the Australian cycling team is leading the Giro D'Italia 2018, and has done so for a number of days now.  Nothing in today's SMH sport section.


ABC giving  it a mention on radio, but nothing on their website.

SBS of course

Rupert Guinness WAS a SMH journo. No one else seems to be doing cycling now.



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