Just a heads up that NSW's finest were back in the park this morning fining hordes of riders for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Every rider must completely stop.

One whole bunch fined, a second bunch was split with the front half being fined.

I will try to find out exactly which stop sign from Strava/Facebook posts but thought it might be of interest on here.

Business as usual for NSW.


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Every bloody golf course could have a decent cycling circuit around its perimeter.

Royal Randwick, inside service/ambo road looks good.

what happened to the races on the armoury? track is there. its vacant 5+ days a week

The Armoury racing was in the evening so only happens in the summer. The same applies to many of the other crit races in Sydney although there are weekend races at Hefron and Lansdowne. 

There is a major difference between racing and training. For racing we close the circuit with marshals and signs. At other times there is nothing to stop the random walkers and dogs from wandering across the track.

Training is either evening or early morning and an unlit crit track is not a great place to train. This is why many riders prefer to train on the road. Cars and traffic are easier to judge than walkers and dogs although the consequences of collisions are usually higher. 

The problem is finding a quiet circuit with minimal traffic which is why many of the faster training riders start ridiculously early in the morning. 

On a good note...2 Hwy patrol and 1 unmarked at SOP this morning, booking cars not bikes.

you sure they were booking cars? they were in odd positions. One on the footpath as people turned off Australia ave before the railway bridge, and two more in the entrance to bicentennial park. I figured there must have been some VIP event in there.

yep, saw them book people, 6 to 6.30, probably doing unregistered car stuff, easy catch, they were gone by 7, so they must've gone to the annual prayer gathering next door in Bicentennial park - for Eid.

Any presence out there is good as it's a race track of a morning.

Hi There,

I was fined at 6.45 am this morning at the same notorious intersection, turning left into Kevin Coombes Drive coming off Australia Avenue. The police motorcyclist was hidden behind the seating shelter on the corner of the same roads.  I had just completed four rolling laps of a bunch ride using the now longer loop along Bennelong Road up Kevin Coombes (no police officer was in the shelter then so he obviously knew when to strike), I detoured for a warm down lap on the return down Australia Avenue before being apprehended.  I am conscious of the police presence at this intersection but was distracted by a another cycling friend turning left off Kevin Coombes into Australia Avenue calling out my name on the approach - so I was looking right then left.  (at this intersection I would normally look left to check for police and then right for traffic - plenty clear vision)  My offence:  disobeying Stop Sign (I only just rolled through the Stop sign with safety - Idaho stop). I am also being fined for giving false evidence and misleading a police officer after stating a dummy name before being crosschecked with RMS database and caught out.  God knows what the total cost of my fine will be.....

not that it's any condolence, but I saw him also get at least 4 cars after you.


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