Just a heads up that NSW's finest were back in the park this morning fining hordes of riders for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. Every rider must completely stop.

One whole bunch fined, a second bunch was split with the front half being fined.

I will try to find out exactly which stop sign from Strava/Facebook posts but thought it might be of interest on here.

Business as usual for NSW.


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Applying demerit points for fines occurring from non motorised vehicles is directly against the law.

The RMS don't know the legislation which governs them.

Did Gay sneak it through with the fine increases, which didn't require legislative change IIRC?

No, it is an error, either by the officer in putting the wrong code in or the system lacked a separate code for bicycles and has since been corrected.

Anyone who has had points allocated to their license for a cycling offense needs to get them reversed.

Had someone lodged a complaint to BNSW and asks for it to be changed into give way sign??????

Do nothing then, it won`t happens?

Any current BNSW members still here, why not lodge a complaint to BNSW of doing nothing but only interests in memberships fees and stuffs you all????

Tell them that you will get your membership lapses and will not renew until it had been resolved and asks for the exorbitant fines to be reduced and then that membership might be re-instated. If they want the memberships, then they`d bloody well fix the effer up........

I`ve let my BNSW membership lapsed and haven`t renewed from 2013 due to my dissatisfactions to them.

What a BullshitNSW is it?????

ps,sorry to hear my rant.

What seems to have happened is that there are codes for offenses and there is different codes for an offense committed on a bicycle to the same offense committed on a bicycle.  RTA's system looks up the code and applies the points to the license in accordance with the code.  With the offense with failing to stop at a stop sign either the Police are applying the wrong code or the system is wrong in not having a separate code for cyclists.

Anyone who has had points applied to their license should talk to cycling NSW to see what is happening with the LACC tickets

I heard second hand that a few guys DID lose points.

When I was done for red light on a bicycle I produced my cycling licence (the cop was shocked they exist) and I was fined but lost NO points. 

So none of this points business makes sense to me.



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