In 2011 more than 3,000 Sydney workers from 180 businesses clocked almost 250,000 kilometres in the first Sydney Rides Challenge.

We’re doing it all again in March 2015, only bigger and better. The goal is to get more people riding more often and we need your help.

The Sydney Rides Business Challenge is a competition between businesses to see which can get the most employees to ride a bike. It’s all about participation; employees only have to ride a bike for ten minutes or more for their participation to count.

They can ride wherever they feel comfortable and whenever they like between 23 March to 19 April 2015.

The Challenge is the start of a behaviour change journey for people who are new to cycling. Together we can help them overcome their barriers and start riding a bike to work.

Info Sessions next Tuesday

Find out how you can help at one of our information sessions at Town Hall House on Tuesday January 20 (12.30 - 1.30pm or 6 - 7pm).

Register at:

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Ride and log rides : 23 March to 19 April 2015

Win prizes! * if you don't win prizes, at least you get a couple of rides in, that's just as good.


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