This guy who appeared in the Guardian deserves to lauded:

We need to track him down and write songs about him, erect statues in his honour and spread the tale of his legendary feats.

Someone here might know him and look how happy he is;

Onya rider!

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Nice. Cyclists prove again they are tougher than motorists. 

I rode through something similar in pyrmont last year, in october I think. Not quite as big. Lots of fun, but I copped a huge spray from a passing car that killed my Lezynne front light :(

Made the top of r/bicycling.

And this comment is gold: "How does he sit the saddle with balls that big?"

Alex J Malone of Mobius Future Racing. Obviously loving it!

With the exception of two insane wind gusts last night I've enjoyed the last few days.

The worse the weather the more important it is to cycle when you have kids - wifey gets train and they are normally OK, but in adverse weather they can't be relied upon.

The bicycle has not let me down in 4 years of cycle commuting. Worst case is a flat - 10 minute delay maximum.

In fact my wonderful wife has just green lighted a CX bike compliments of the Sydney storm.


Think he's not with MFR but has that helmet through his involvement with Bicycle Network/Peaks Challenge. So many teams rocking POCs lately!

Pretty sure he was one of the leaders for the 8 hour group in 3 Peaks this year.  Not hard to see why he's so accomplished with that sort of attitude!

Definitely a BN logo on that sleeve.

well done to Alex

The marketing potential is immense, Alex's life won't be the same after this;

Heh, a swimmer attempting to do cyclestroke?

Sydney Einfield Drive, eh? RMS should be onto it by now to clear the drain.

As one commenter on Reddit was saying, cycling through a flood is less risky (maybe) than riding next to Sydney motorists, and no one would have let him in anyway if he had gone right.
ABC currently using same picture but without any bicycle reference

If the Tele ran with it there would be a "cyclist delays essential traffic" headline or "cyclist forces traffic into dangerous dry lane"


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