Calling all southerners, thought I might start a thread as a repository for useful info about the southern routes. Current hazards, that sort of thing.


While my commute from Nth CBD to Ramsgate via the Bourke twins and around the airport is one route that I will try and keep up to date info on, as well as Ramsgate to Sutherland (via the Sutho council recommended path ie Taren Point, Sylvania Waters, Box Rd, Bellingara Rd, Garnet Rd, side of Kareela oval and Waratah St), please feel free to use this thread for other commutes such as rest of the Shire, south east to La Parouse, St George area etc. If you ride the region and see something, maybe post it here for your southern comrades!


So to kick of proceedings: 


2 Feb 2012 - ARNCLIFFE Debris on Marsh St bridge, southern/eastern footpath (actually cycle path). Accident yesterday (1/2/12) has left debris ON the path on the side of the bridge. Still there this morning.


2 Feb 2012 - ARNCLIFFE/NTH BRIGHTON LE SANDS Overgrown vegetation on Muddy Creek shared path adjacent old St George football stadium (between Bestic St and Riverine Park). After 12 months was getting a bit dangerous so called Rockdale Council today. Have received a call that the matter is being escalated within the maintenance team.


2 Feb 2012 - BRIGHTON LE SANDS Regulars know this to be the case from months, but for any newbies: Crawford Rd closed to southbound traffic entering from Bay Street. Most bikes have been crossing at ped lights and footpathing it past the roadworks. Will update when road reopens.


2 Feb 2012 - DARLINGHURST. Bourke St Cycleway. Northbound (dowwnhill) at Liverpool St. Bike lane sensor still not working (since opening of BSCW). Traffic lane sensor though WILL pick up bikes to grab a green in absence of other traffic. Make sure you stop on the sensor (re cut lines in road) in middle line of the sensor.


2 Feb 2012 - MASCOT. Cycleway around back of factories commencing Qantas catering to Pt Botany overpass is getting pretty overgrown from the sides - less room to overtake pedestrians.

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Does anyone make much use of the route that mostly follows south coast train line from Oatley, Kogarah, Rockdale , Arncliff etc. I ride out to Kurnell from Kings Cross and back every now and then but getting bored, thought of combining the Francis / Chuter Ave /Capt Cook Bridge route then to Sutherland and then Como, Oatley etc as an alternate.

Here's a very rideable route: Central-Wolli Creek-Barwell Reserve/Bexley-Hurstville-Como Bridge- Sutherland:

Inland/railway route

I find the hills more fun when riding from north to south.

Thanks - that's looks like a nice route.

Exactly what is Como bridge? I can't seem to make out the details on the Google maps and street view is absent.

I got back once from Sutherland across a bridge and didn't feel comfortable at all with heavy traffic, although I suspect that might have been Princess Hwy.

Here is the Como Bridge one of the few rail trails in NSW. We are hoping the GreenWay can be another.

Thanks for the infor Llewster, Ben , Neil.

Come to think of it I think Bike South West BUG occasionally does a ride down that way.

Anyway, looks very pleasant, on my to do ride list

See also Open Cycle Map:

Como Bridge was the same style of rail bridge as the John Whitton Bridge at Meadowbank. Como was converted to a cycle/walking path in the mid-80s or thereabouts. JWB followed somewhat later.

7 FEB 2012 - ZETLAND - Massive and deep pothole in middle of Bourke Road, Lane 1 northbound within the Lachlan Street intersection.


Some of these pics have been seen before, some I haven't.


They are taken from David H's empire, and they show some petty dodgy things - moreso by cars. What the hell is with all the cars on the wrong side of the road. What is with that taxi driving on the cycleway behind the bus shelter.


Crazy stuff.

All those cars on the wrong side of the road is because they are doing a thing where they avoid the speed humps by going in the centre of the road. Its normal practice especially on days when there are no cars about.

Yeah, see that all the time - they even do it when there IS oncoming traffic which has to take evasive action, but they straddle the centre line to avoid. That southbound silver Corolla especially looks completely in the northbound lane...


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