As I travel to a lot of places around town, meeting people, I had contemplated getting a scooter (paid my $88 for a licence test as a start) but then thought better of it. Some parts of Sydney are just not worth riding the push bike to - hence the scooter idea. I bailed on the idea.

This morning, had to go from Mosman to RNS for a doctors appt. at 8.30. I drove. Big mistake. It took me 20 minutes to get just past Spit Junction. I thought of getting the bus but they were banked up in line, I wouldn't have made it on time even had a I taken the bus. Even the scooters were going nowhere.

I turned into a side street just after the junction, and came home. I rang the doctor, they were good about it, rescheduled. How much of a joke does this city have to become. The ONLY way to make progress this morning was on the footpath. The FOOTPATH people. And cyclists are getting fined for not having a bell?

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The "everybody will drive everywhere" model works while the city is below a certain population, but once beyond that size the spacial inefficiency of cars make the city grind to a holt.

And then the only solution is to start reallocating public space away from cars to other, more space-efficient transport modes (cycling is one!). Yet that is politically difficult cos the bulk of the population sees the problem as a lack of space for driving rather than too much space for driving.

So they vote for politicians who promise to rid city streets of people on bikes. And thus we get hostile moto-cops pulling people over for having loose helmet straps:

It's an incredibly dysfunctional dynamic.

meanwhile in London - another city with oddly designed roads from another time, with a huge commuter belt...

Did you get a fine for loose helmet straps? I've read about Victorian police handing them out in Melbourne. Yep it really is pathetic - the body language says it all - wonder if he has knocked any cyclists off their bicycles lately?

No, but others have.

Colin, maybe it was the Fashion Police?  Best wear the right length socks if so.

Yep, I live in Lane Cove and it was backed right up at our end as well. A great morning fora bike ride!

Imagine if it was a cyclist who caused the delays! Kicked to death on the street or cycling completely banned by Duncan Gay...  mind boggles.

Special salute to all those stuck on buses today - we need a cheeky cyclist to organise a protest for dedicated connected bus lanes. I wonder if such a rally would be well attended... 


The dedicated connected bus lane idea is a top notch idea JM but it will never happen in this city, with this lot in charge, when a Premier won't receive a petition from cyclists, dangerous lot that they are and a  myopic populist in charge of roads.

By the by, I'd be interested in peoples stories of fines since the introduction of the March 1 laws. Is there a thread for that?

they could call it a railway, now that would be a novel idea

Nice SMH article:

Apparently motorists were using T3 lanes to get ahead of the backed-up traffic thereby stopping buses. I'm totally shocked - surely not? Where is Duncan on this one?

This would of cost our firm a packet - say 600 layers billing every 6 minutes being on average 1 hour late to work... not to mention missed meetings/appointments.

Duncan where are you old pal? How was your limo from Redfern to Macquarie Street?


Good to see non-cyclists noticing rule breaking by drivers. And there are some great comments from cyclists highlighting that it's a viable option. Shame the article itself doesn't really.

One comment that amused me was from a guy living in Queenscliff and complaining about the public transport / commute to.... Villawood! Here's a tip: move closer to work or work closer to home. This sense of entitlement doesn't work in a big city. You have the power to change your life!

That just seems crazy that commute.

Sure it's expensive to sell and buy a place in Sydney - transaction costs can be a whole years income or more, hence why we moved to a rental place closer to work and rented our place out.

Living in a city full of others is full of sacrifices - but apparently not if you are one of the "important ones" who own a car.

Trip to work was a tad quicker than usual this morning :)


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