Plan to do this ride in a couple of weeks time, have a couple of beers on the beach and get the train back.  Internet surfing suggests I go straight down to the airport, then cycleway to Cronulla, ferry and then ride through the National Park.  What is the NP like for cycling (hills and safety wise)?  I thought about just riding the whole way along the freeway, but reckon the NP has to be favourite - cannot believe I am better off going along the hard shoulder?  Also, anyone taken the train back with a bike from there? 

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Bikely or Map my ride will have useful suggestions. If you arm coming form the eastern suburbs, the tunnel that goes under the runway on Southern Cross Drive bans bicycles. I don't know if any cycle by-pass has been built. People do ride it (or did when I lived over that way).

I used to go via airport drive that connects with shared cycleway along botany bay foreshore (Cyclists often avoid SUP during peak pedestrian periods. This sends you on SUP over Captain Cook bridge and more foreshore towards Kurnell and Cronulla. This all basically flat and meandering.

If you plan to take a train anyway, then getting off at Loftus or Waterfall delivers you straight into National Park. Hilly, particularly at the Otford end but quiet and scenic.

The Ferry to Bundeena is enjoyable but doing the scenic eastern route will take hours longer than the freeway.

This google map?

Bourke Cycleways and gap, Coward, Airport Drive Cycleway, Eve Street Cycleway, Bestic Street Cycleway, Through the middle of Brighton Lee Sands, Tarent Point Road bridge, Cronulla via a fair bit of cycleway, Ferry, National Park, Sea Cliff Bridge.

Here's the ferry timetable:

Hi - yes that map looks the go (thanks) - have turned on the topograpghy feature of google maps too and doesnt look too bad!


There are more trains from Thirroul so it can be a better option for the return trip. We did the ride on two bikes and two kids two adults and enjoyed it. The Yuba Mundo (that is how we move two kids) is always interesting to get on and off trains with but after trips to the Southern Highlands and the Blue Mountains we have it down pat. Yes the Yuba is electric but to the the range for the trip we limit the boost so around half which means around 16kms/h up hills. It was a Sunday in the park and 99% of the traffic was very understanding. But a ute and an SUV gave us a very hard time for holding them up when the shoulder was too soft to get off to make room for them. And this was with two kids on the back. 

So yes do take a  bit of care in the park. It is a lovely rise but you get the odd yobbo. 


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