after the very welcome recommendations from Sydney Cyclist cyclists my ride to work is a very pleasant journey.

So I'm going to ask for your help once again.

I am planning on riding to Tamworth from Baulkham Hills. I have a route started and am happy with it up until Merriwa. See

After Merriwa I do not know any of the roads. Are the ones I have chosen OK? do they have a shoulder? Are they winding with many blind corners? Is there a safer way? Is there an unsealed road way of getting there?

I'm open to suggestions.

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Could you please put a map link up. Road names generally are a PIA. I can't pick up maps from your link and I've got no intention of signing up to Facebook. 

Why Merriwa? 

How wedded to Merriwa are you?

What daily distances do you want to do? 

How much time do you have from go to whoa?

Is a mix of gravel and bitumen ok?

Camping or something else?

When are you planning on going? It's pretty cold that way before October!

Back roads or main roads or a mix of both? 

Hi Dabba,

the ridewithgps link is not facebook, no sign in required. Just any web browser, chrome, firefox.

Why Merriwa, because I know the roads to there pretty much without a map. I'm OK with any other way. I'd rather not do major roads. I've been riding 150km-230km gravel with all my food provisions for a while now.

Gravel is preferred, I'd take an extra day or 2 happily if it was gravel. 200km each day, is good. I'm looking at a 2 day ride there and then back. Spend 1 or 2 days in Tamworth. I was looking at a B&B in Denman first night. I have a very light Bivy and excellent sleeping bag, all set up for covering long distance quickly rather than having a mobile hotel.

Yes it will be cold now, I may go in August-September but not really sure. I have a planned Sydney to Canberra at the end of October. 300km to Canberra, rest day, Fitzs 200km, ride to Bundoon, then last day ride to Sydney.

Ok, a couple of options. If you want to go to Merriwa, and have the time,  this is a great ride. However, given your time constraints, I'd be more inclined to ride back roads from Denman to Muswellbrook and then this route to Tamworth. It's a nice ride too.

Try the first day of this route from Denman > Muswellbrook. That plus the route above for Muswellbrook > Tamworth would have less traffic than your planned route - particularly Denman > Merriwa and the heart in mouth Werris Creek > Tamworth bit.

your website is fantastic, what a resource.

My time is a bit restrictive, more of a transport stage than touring. The plan is to go and see a friend up there, then ride back. A short visit.

Thanks. I've been considering some more updates to the webpage. I've been mulling over whether something like this map of all the routes with the attached GPX files might make it a bit more useful. Let me know what you think!

you have definitely done some riding. It would be interesting to put these up in rwgps as a group. Some very good ways of showing routes using that site.

+1 on your site Darrell.

GPX files mentioned above didn't stick, they're too big!

So is the Canberra madness under audax rules? As I was contemplating something similar

All permanents Andrew, so yes, under Audax rules.

You do know there are trains and buses to Canberra?


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