Just heard on the news today 23/01 that unprecedented enquiry about cycling to work next Monday.  They referrred to a bot they are advising people to use to assist with route planning.  Unfortunately I did not catch the name.  Any ideas?

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this may be of assistance.

BTW, I remember a previous train strike ( a few years ago ). I remember the M4 being a carpark from Concord road (where I entered) until silverwater road (where I exited). Upon returning to the M4 at parramatta, traffic was moving slowly.

The only vehicles moving was me and the motorbikes. I kept and ear out for them and when I heard them approach (in the break down lane), I'd move over and wave them passed. I never had so many waves of thanks before or since.

So if you normally avoid the motorways, take this opportunity to truly have an enjoyable experience.


Monday is usually my rest day - I guess I should look forward to a ride

Peter.  That is the bot.  You just sign in on Messenger via the link you supplied.  It brings up just umder 3000 different route options.  Tried a couple out.  Very quick and about 4 options given for my choice of destination.

Bike shops should be jumping on this strike. Tuning up peoples neglected bikes, selling CO2, tube & tyre lever kits.

I like the bike bus ideas flowing, could run a bunch from different bike shops to city - I know requires some organising and the strike may yet be averted...

Some people are literally not going to be able to get to work on Monday - madness when you think about it. That said I support the strikers, everyone should have the option to down tools if pay/conditions not up to scratch.


Union says it will comply with order by Judge Hamberger from the FWC to cancel the strike on Monday. ACTU says the right to strike is dead in Australia. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-01-25/sydney-train-strike-cannot-go...

Ride your bike anyway, anyone thinking about it. Train system looks very shaky, running on  driver overtime.

Hopefully it can be seen how important public transport is in Sydney and transport money isn't purely for the widening of the private roads.


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