Sydney Tweed Ride 2013 - POSTPONED due to bad weather

Due to the wet weather and not looking like it is going to get any better by tomorrow the decision has been made to postpone The Sydney Tweed Ride.

Please help spread the word to as many people as possible to avoid anyone getting up in the morning and being all soggy.

Once we have a new date we will let you all know.


The Sydney Tweed Ride Team

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Good decision, although always a difficult call. Thanks

Understanable, although I do note that wikipedia has this material down as moisture resistant and worn in the UK for outdoor activities.
Looking forward to coming along on the new date.
Having made my way by foot and stood at Town Hall for over an hour this morning (in case anyone had missed the message about the ride being postponed) everyone would have been thoroughly wet before the ride even started. It was really wet and really cold and the gutters and streets were filled with water. The picnic destination looked more like a lake than a park there was so much surface water.

wow that was so nice of you. Looking forward to the rescheduled event

Shame!  Watched your heavy precip on the radar today, and it looked really ugly.

Up here almost dry, just one short shower. Yesterday was my turn, including so much rain visiting Todarello's fruit shop (as featured in SMH) that the motorists shunned going there. Staff mildly expressing concern for my welfare, but all good.


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