TADNSW's Freedom Wheels program makes modified bikes for children with disabilities

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I rode their freedom wheels ride last year, will be doing it again this year if I can. Was great to see these kids riding with smiles a mile wide! Hopefully can beat my sponsorship total from last year.

It certainly is a great project. It brings tears to one's eyes to see how happy the kids are on the bike. I also want to help out in the next ride, failed to do that last year as the weather was playing up

I went early and got 50km in before that storm cell hit. You would not have wanted to be on the bike in it, Hailstones the size of 5 cent pieces in some of the heavier flurries. I’m hoping to get a few of my riding rugby club mates involved this year.

That's the same video from their website I assume?

Incidentally they are also in City2Surf and their sponsorship page is http://www.fundraise.city2surf.com.au/team_tad_3

That's right, Peter. Thanks for sharing their City2Surf link

No problem. Surprised I missed out on this topic previously.

I'm trying to work out if donating to the C2S link goes directly to them, or does a portion get held by C2S.

I think it does (all go to TAD directly) ....  would you know ? 

A few coffees-worth of donation sounds pretty doable.

According to the T&Cs,

A) All the charities and not for profit organisations that appear on the fundraising site have entered into a contractual arrangement with EH which enables us to collect fundraising donations made on the site on their behalf. We cannot collect donations without their permission;

B) Everyday Hero deducts a small 6.5% administration fee from each gross donation made to your charity of choice. Additional to this administration fee, a payment-processing fee is also deducted from the gross donation with the fee varying dependent of the payment type (VISA/Mastercard/AMEX, PayPal, BPAY and Australia Post)

That's right, it is doable and it is for a great cause. You can also donate on their own web site http://www.tadnsw.org.au/

Thanks Tony.


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