"I can just as easily ride a simpler bike with "normal" pedals. I can ride in normal sandshoes, a T-shirt and shorts. I don't actually need a GPS computer to tell me where to go and if I'm working hard enough - I have my eyes and gasping lungs to tell me what the heart rate monitor would. So I did. And it was terrific."




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he he.  good analogies.

But, for one who claims to aspire to simplicity, Mark Textor (apt name for a writer) has created an article with Soooo many tags!

I am genuinely lost reading that!

Mate, you are just too young to appreciate have heard of Rick Wakeman.


I'm surprised Mr O' hasn't posted an awful youtube clip of RW performing his meisterwerk Journey to the Centre of the Earth (and I am not referring to the Nick and Dick Crane version). I found one but I will spare peeps the horror.

I like it. Thanks Mr O'.

An interesting way of saying KISS. But, as MB pointed out, Mr Textor aint applying it to his writing!

I would be worried if I worked with this dude, he sounds like he would have trouble turning on his computer to write the article.Just do it strap on all your tech gear or just ride with the basics. Not a great article in my opinion sounds a bit wingy , I would like a article in the joy of riding freedom, air in your hair other friends gliding around you great scenery you get the picture.

Mark Textor was tweeting to BoF about Centennial Park recently, in support of the roadies campaign.Lots of bike tweets under @markatextor..

Na. I think I'll stick to my way. Gears,cleats, lycra, ROCK!

Agreed! He lost me when before I even read the article when he implied riding without a GPS computer... doesn't he know that's the whole reason* why satellites were even put into space?

Is he trying to bring us back into the dark ages?

Those middle paragraphs are a little mysterious...

But to bring conversation back to my new bike (heh), it's a much simpler ride, so I get what Textor's on about.

I didn't realise how it would make me ride so differently. Smooth, cruisy, not necessarily slow, but just not in so much of a hurry to get places.

I likey (but I'll stil be riding my hybrid to work)

The two paragraphs about K Rudd and the spin cycle are pretty good, could have left the rest out, just showing off to his mates.

Fair enough. We are his mates!


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