"I can just as easily ride a simpler bike with "normal" pedals. I can ride in normal sandshoes, a T-shirt and shorts. I don't actually need a GPS computer to tell me where to go and if I'm working hard enough - I have my eyes and gasping lungs to tell me what the heart rate monitor would. So I did. And it was terrific."




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"31 bikes and counting."

No wonder cycling seems too complicated. Just the "which bike today?" question would be enough to consider just giving up and doing something else. ;-)

What problem? Today is the 28th, so bike 28 is the go. Bike 31 misses out on a run this month but it will get an outing in May.

And I thought having one bike for each day of the week was a bit of a luxury. For about five minutes, I did. ;-)

5 minutes of thinking about 7 bikes? or 5 minutes of thinking it was a bit of a luxury ?

It's not to late to rectify the situation NA!

Well, there's the Kenevans or the commuter, the tourer or the carbon fibre, the front suspension MTB or the BSO, the older roadie or the trailer tower, the green tandem or the blue tandem. If none of those is working, I can always ride my wife's or my son's bikes.

Hmmm, situation rectified or out of control?

Hello Mark (I know you are here!)

I liked your article, the cycling-politics-music analogies worked for me.

Read on a paper left in the train returning from a 45km singlespeed ride with no paraphernalia or lycra ;-)

I think the K Rudd/Johnny Cash link was a bit of a stretch. But have to give him points for imaginative essay writing. Now if he could just turn his talents to convincing BoF and his lot to change their mind on cycling.

Unfortunately I don't think Mark will be able to dissuade a conservative.

Their ideology is to promote & support what is best for themselves at the expense of the environment and other people.

Actually, I think Mark is on the conservative side of politics. He's certainly done a lot of work for the conservatives. But he sure loves his bikes.

I thought so too.

At least his cycling might lead to a broader enlightenment :-)

We can only hope.

A fair point in many respects HF, but the left is more than Communism, in the same way there is more the conservative side of politics than the extreme right.


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