"I can just as easily ride a simpler bike with "normal" pedals. I can ride in normal sandshoes, a T-shirt and shorts. I don't actually need a GPS computer to tell me where to go and if I'm working hard enough - I have my eyes and gasping lungs to tell me what the heart rate monitor would. So I did. And it was terrific."




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e.g. green

You mean to tell me that Karl Heinrich Marx (5 May 1818 – 14 March 1883) had nothing to say on the environment? Please, tell me it isn't so!

Nobody gave a shite about the environment until ~1970s or so, ~ a century after Marx's death.

Anyway, I'll raise you Denmark, Sweden and Norway examples of left wing that cares about this stuff.


um, no one really cares about the environment now do they? TVs left on standby, drive to work, consume consume to be 'green'.

OK, some people care, most just talk shit.

A good point and a good analogy with the woofers eggs.

Although I'm not sure about excluding "lycra louts" from the need for a metre.

Some hack that has run out of ideas.

If he really DID own all the gear he is referring to he'd be using and enjoying it. And he would not be implying there is anything wrong with owning and using it.

The truth is that he plays his Johnny Cash on an MP3 and in his cupboard he has an original Sony Walkman and every contraption that had been made and flogged in the interim years. 

Over the years things have just got better. So what? Why make a big issue out of it?

Gee, tough crowd, Noel!

I have absolutely no doubt he has all the stuff he mentions. I understand he cycled as a state representative in his day. 

And what's wrong with coming to a stage where you think, ah, hang it all, fanciness is overtaking fun. Esp if you have just bought a fixie. 


There are times when I wonder if I could be bothered gathering and changing into all the gear needed to go to West Head on the carbon fibre roadie -- decent, comfortable knicks, right-colour roadshirt (either to be visible or alternatively to be a rolling billboard), correct socks, correct cleated shoes for the particular pedals on that bike, helmet, (sun)glasses with the arms over the helmet straps, lights if it's nighttime -- then getting the bike down off the hook, pumping the tyres, lubing the chain, filling the water bottle, checking the tool bag, checking the brakes, applying sunscreen, taking a piss, going out the door, locking the door, remembering I don't have a snack, or my mobile phone, or my GPS, unlocking the door, clip-clopping around the house, going out the door again, locking the door, realising I have left a window wide open, unlocking the door, clip-clopping around the house, going out the door again, locking the door again, riding up the driveway, realising that the bins need to be brought in or taken out, then discovering that there is a slow leak in one of the tubes, riding back down the driveway, unlocking the door, clip-clopping around the house, replacing the tube, pumping the tyre again, going out the door again, locking the door again, riding up the driveway and realising that it is starting to rain and returning to the house for good.

In all the time it has taken to go through this rigamarole, I could have just stayed in my ordinary clothes and shoes, hopped onto my commuter bike, with the toeclip pedals, wearing my baseball cap and ridden along the cycleway to the shops for a coffee (if I drank the stuff) and come back again, still dry.

Gee. Is surprising you've ever ridden anywhere with a routine like that! ;-)

yeah or you could have used some of that wasted time walking up hills because you had no gears on a fixie.

Really, who gives a toss? All bikes are good and no one bagging out categories of bikes gets a tick from me. Worse still is nagging people for what they choose to wear. It is rubbish and the NationalTimes is boring for printing stuff like that.

Errm surely you run up hills if you have a fixie and it's too tuff to muscle the bike up?

But yes, all kinds of bike are good stuff :-)

NA, for  "then discovering that there is a slow leak in one of the tubes"  - see latex magic post,  for everything else print out : http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/content/wellbeing/features/boost-brainpo...


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