"I can just as easily ride a simpler bike with "normal" pedals. I can ride in normal sandshoes, a T-shirt and shorts. I don't actually need a GPS computer to tell me where to go and if I'm working hard enough - I have my eyes and gasping lungs to tell me what the heart rate monitor would. So I did. And it was terrific."




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clip-clopping around the house has ruined my polished floorboards


I withdraw the word hack. He is a very well informed man.

It is the bigotry I take issue with. Classifying for the purpose of passing judgement. If he has run out of "publishable" opinion but has a contract to submit opinion then there is a problem. But we don't need to be divided into groups in this way.

My English teacher wife said she liked it as writing, 18 out of 20 in the HSC, but thought it needed a bit of editing and " tightening". Clever use of anecdote and analogy, but maybe too long on the bikes and not enough on politics, which I thought was the real point of the article.

And the Mark Textor article wasn't bad either. Only joking NA.

Alot of that article resonates with me, but perhaps that's because of overlapping interests in bikes, politics and music and being of a similar vintage.  But really it is about authenticity and simplicity in politics and the bikes and music are just a way of illustrating that.  I wouldn't get too hung up on the bike stuff.  

Thank Eleri

sheez you guys are harsh.

i'm taking my (complicated) 'bent out to chill now

follow on @markatextor on Twitter

Harsh? But Bob Moore's wife gave you 18 out of 20!

Or was that for me??

Yours was small but perfectly formed, as they say.
But I've a big personality! :-P

I did notice one cunning aspect of your recent reply!


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