According to this article Barangaroo doesn't have enough car spaces and too many cycle spots

The president of the Western Sydney Organisation of Councils, Alison McLaren (


WROC president Alison McLaren said the lack of car parking made a mockery of western suburbs commuters. "We know that in western Sydney about 80 per cent of people use their car to go to work. They are not all heading to the CBD but many do," Ms McLaren said.
"They definitely won't be riding their bikes."



With an attitude like that from the councils, its no wonder 80% of Western Sydney drive and that more than 60% are overweight.


Alison wants more cars on the M4

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I dropped in a comment regarding the obvious stupidity of the maths that is attempting to get the single occupant cars there in the first place, and the obvious stupidity of attempting to equate 2000 bicycle spaces with a significant reduction in car spaces.


Suspect it won't get published because the terrorgraph doesn't like its rabble rousing undone with maths.


Very short sighted of Alison MCLaren. It's clear to me that if we put a dam across the heads and drained the harbour we could have a perfect route for a huge motorway from Parramatta to the city with equally perfect routes from Manly, Middle exHarbour, Lane Cove and lots more. There would be ample space along the sides of the motorways for vast parking stations as well. I don't know why the NRMA has not taken up this obvious solution to traffic problems.

Even better, build the motorways, roof them over and build housing on top and solve the housing problem as well.

I am so clever that I frighten myself at times.

I don't know how they can possibly conceive that 20,000 people could get through Sussex st into barangaroo in cars.   Given its a road with numerous intersections on it, that would approach closely the DAILY capacity of the road, and if everyone needed to leave between 4 and 6, some people would not be out till midnight.


This is really not a problem of the councils making either.  They are thoroughly on record as wanting smaller, more sustainable, more public transportey.


doesn't one car space equate to 8 to 12 bikes? so these people are missing out on 166 car spots, if that...


I worked at Macquarie Bank down next to there. its gridlock for cars at peak hour...very hard to get in or out...hence me motorbiking in to park at sussex or cycling's like they are saying 2000 car spots are bing replaced....

yep, pretty much spot on.  If bikes don't have a lot of stealables (ie dutch style), then you can rack about 30.  Folders can do even better.



I laughed out loud and choked on my drink, Bill. Did not see second line onwards coming.


I am so offended by the "inner city trendoid"comment in this article and similar sentiments in other articles.

This article highlights to me that immature culture clash/bias/paranoia is a major barrier to getting better transport infrastructure here. Also displaying a childlike selfishness. If those get something, it just means I'm missing out on something.

The lack of objectivity of people always manages to astound me.


On a semi related note, I've never seen so many people commuting by train with their bikes until I started working in the Sydney's West; schoolkids, shirt and tie guy, tradies. Alison should know her "people" better.

I don't complain about not being able to travel to distant suburbs without a car - I just don't go there. And this is what I would suggest to the car-dependent folks of the suburbs - don't go to Barangaroo. If you really want to, then change your life to make it possible, just as I would have to change my life to make it possible to visit their auto-dominated suburbs.

Having said that, the article states that there will be around 1,000 car spaces at Barangaroo - far too many I think. I'd limit it to about 20, for the disabled only.

And on the topic of bikes - Barangaroo will make an east-west cycleway even more of a priority for the City of Sydney. How will people from the eastern suburbs be able to ride to it and access all that bike parking the article mocks?
How they do it now - I walk my bike from the College St to Kent St - there is no other way.

You could go along park st & druitt st and do a hook turn into Kent.

A little bit scary

I do it a variety of ways, depending on where I'm going. I tend to use Phillip St/Martin Place/Barrack St, but have also used Park/Druitt, and find Market St probably the best in some ways as it has a right-turn lane into Kent.

As for heading eastward, if not Martin Pl I tend to use King St.

But all these options are either illegal or completely unsuited to anybody but that small minority who are comfortable cycling in heavy city traffic.

I just bomb straight down Liverpool st, cross George and turn right into Kent.
There are some Sydney residents who live west of Enmore
West of Enmore = Parramatta


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