According to this article Barangaroo doesn't have enough car spaces and too many cycle spots

The president of the Western Sydney Organisation of Councils, Alison McLaren (


WROC president Alison McLaren said the lack of car parking made a mockery of western suburbs commuters. "We know that in western Sydney about 80 per cent of people use their car to go to work. They are not all heading to the CBD but many do," Ms McLaren said.
"They definitely won't be riding their bikes."



With an attitude like that from the councils, its no wonder 80% of Western Sydney drive and that more than 60% are overweight.


Alison wants more cars on the M4

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Yeah, and I demand a train and a cycleway from my house to every one of theirs.

Sorry Sydney, you're way behind the times. Have just been in London, cyclists everywhere, using Boris Johnsons nifty new cycle paths. No aggro from motorists, just acceptance.

Also, the bike hire scheme works a treat, most of the pods I saw were virtually empty. Saw a lot of people in ordinary clothes using the bikes (no helmets)! They also have flashing LEDS which make them highly visible.  First half hour use is free, after that, very cheap.

A highly aggressive scheme to discourage motorists is also in place, as a consequence, traffic in London is not as congested as Sydney, which for a city of 7 million as opposed to a city of 4 million is remarkable. London does have probably the most awesome public transport system in the world in the Underground, which (given the Olympics) is even better than ever. We went to all corners of the city with minimal fuss. Sydney would weep for such a system. Can't believe anyone is proposing more cars into the city. Catch a train or ride a bike!

Sorry Sydney, you're way behind the times. Have just been in London, cyclists everywhere, using Boris Johnsons nifty new cycle paths. No aggro from motorists, just acceptance.


No aggro from motorists? Are we talking about the same London.


Sure it's improved, but it's not the panacea you describe


Check out some of the London cycling helmet cam footage on youtube, including cyclists being beaten in road rage incidents. Some very ugly stuff.

Yeh, I think everyone is in agreement with you, except on the "London loves cyclists" bit.  As Herzog says, the interwebs are full of the conflict between cars and bikes in London.  



You still have the sociopaths, like you do anywhere, and almost double the number in London due to having almost double the population and pretty much an order of magnitude higher level of cycling. However, IME, you have far fewer people believing that bicycles do not belong on the road in the UK as it is very much part of the (much harder, albeit less time consuming) driving test.

my experience too - although nearly a decade ago than now (before boris johnson). Commute between Ealing and Fulham, so by no means all of london. Riding in the City was a bit hairier - not to mention harder to navigate.

aggro was rare

obliviousness was the same

bus drivers seemed to look out for cyclists

London was a pleasant place to cycle


Last time I was in London the weather was shit compared to Sydney. Has that changed? Positive side of global warming perhaps?
I worked as a bike courier in London for just under a year and can't say I found much of what you describe. Traffic was almost always pretty bad which was what kept me in a job. There was plenty of aggro about against cyclists. Cycling was definitely helped by the much slower speed limits there. Most of the city has 20mph speed limits which equates to about 30 km/h, not that everyone went at that speed but it was better than riding in a 60km/h zone.

Also on the public transport there, it seems better because it comes much more frequently however that is offset by it taking twice as long to get anywhere. Swings and roundabouts as they say.

The Terror is at it again:


A PLAN to demolish 1900 Entertainment Centre car spaces and replace them with just 400 may be abandoned - just a day after The Daily Telegraph revealed a lack of parking for Barangaroo.

Planning Minister Brad Hazzard's office yesterday said the $900 million Sydney International Convention and Entertainment Centre concept plan would no longer be pursued and would "have no bearing on the final design".

The plan, put forward by Labor and backed by the state government in July, proposed replacing the Entertainment Centre and carpark with a new complex that could accommodate up to 12,000 people - yet provided parking for just 400.

Tourism and transport groups were furious the plan appeared to abandon drivers.

When questions were put to Mr Hazzard's office asking who was responsible for the decision to cut parking, and why, the response contradicted a press release from the minister in July stating: "The new facility will be constructed on the site of the existing Entertainment Centre carpark."

Yesterday his spokeswoman said: "The existing carpark may be demolished to make best use of the site, however, the expressions of interest process is open to new suggestions and at this stage it is premature to say whether the existing carpark will go. It is also premature to anticipate what new parking will be built."

The concept plan, still on the new convention centre's website, notes demolition of the carpark will "result in a noticeable reduction in car parking in this location" but states a 600-space carpark in the new Darling Quarter will help offset the loss.

Tourism and Transport Forum chief John Lee said the concept might work in Manhattan or London, but not Sydney.

"Adequate car parking, combined with integrated public transport, is required for large international and Australian conference delegations," he said.



I love the way that the opening paragraph refers to 400 car park spaces, while by the third it's become 400 people... lazy journalism at its best. 400 spaces at an entertainment centre is up to 2000 people if they are all regular sedans.


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