I only add this as it includes an excellent comment from Riddley which I have included below.

Probably not worth actually clicking the link and reading the latest beat-up. It still amazes me that the Terror can print stuff they know to be untrue, but maybe I'm just naive.

http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/delays-to-clover-moores-c...Riddley comment:

Here's what the people who decide these things have to say about rego for bicycles:


“The government also supports the committee’s recommendation not to introduce registration for bicycles as the fee would likely deter people from cycling.”
- Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson, 28/5/2014


NSW roads and Maritime Services – opposed; stating in a 2013 report to Minister for Roads Duncan Gay:

"The costs and difficulties identified with establishing and regulating a registration scheme for bicycles have been considered and, under the principles of better regulation, and found to outweigh the benefits."


S.A. Transport Minister Stephen Mullighan: “the Government is not in favour of registering bicycles’’ Advertiser 17/11/2014

(previous) Premier of Victoria Denis Napthine: "Well, this has been raised a number of times and it’s been examined. The administrative costs would be really difficult, particularly with children, particularly with a whole range of different bikes. So, it’s been examined and was seen as not being cost-effective, so we don’t have any plans to introduce registration for cyclists or bicycles". 3AW (Neil Mitchell) 15/5/2014

More recently Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has stated there are no plans to look at rego for bikes.

Department of Transport and Main Roads QLD - opposed.


RACQ , NRMA, RAA, RACV – all opposed.


The same old rego rubbish gets trotted out every year. It’s been going on since 1896, and has been reviewed by State Parliaments in 1935, 1936, 1938, 1939, 1946, and who knows how many more times.

It has been looked at in detail more recently by the following organisation which found exactly the same thing as in the past: Registration for bicycles is un-necessary, expensive and impossible.

The recent  Report No. 39 - Inquiry into Cycling Issues

Transport, Housing and Local
Government Committee
November 2013

Rego for bike will never happen, it does not exist in any country in the world, because it is a ridiculous idea.  Give it up.

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It has always amazed me that this keeps coming up. Perhaps it is just the way the Universe has of making sure we don't grant credibility and respect to those journals.

No, it's bad government saying 'look over here...'

Sydney CBD is going to be really messed up, so they are looking for someone to blame and a distraction.

You must be joking. The CBD will be messed up and the Terror will blame non-registration of bicycles? I'll stick with my Universal karma theory.

Sure, you can Noel.

As I understand it the latest dribble about cyclist licencing comes from Gay, not the Terror.

He was interviewed by Linda Mottram on 702 ABC on 11/05/15.  He  mentioned it there. 

It must be a slow news day for the terrorgraff and ACA.

It seems to be like the policy call is used to distract from real issues that the govt doesn't want too much media attention.

Pretty relevant to the discussion

Red Lights and the Idaho Experiment

Few things raise the ire of motorists (and some cyclists) more than cyclists running red lights. Yet anybody who has ridden in major cities has seen riders proceeding through red lights. Why do they do this?

Cyclists operate on streets that are designed for cars. The current traffic infrastructure does not work as well for cyclists:

    Many lights have sensors that do not pick up cyclists. Cyclists often wait at red lights for minutes, and the light only changes when a car pulls up behind them. If there is no traffic, they may wait for a very long time.
    Cars travel mostly on big streets with few stop signs and timed lights. Cyclists tend to use side streets where they encounter stop signs or red lights every few blocks.
    Cyclists travel at lower speeds and are less insulated from their surroundings, so they are more aware of traffic around them. As they approach an intersection, they usually know where other traffic is, without needing to come to a complete stop before checking for traffic from the right and left.


Worth a look as I think the red light thing really does get a lot of drivers goats. Would be a simple fix which could and would give the Govt a big tick and something that really could be done in each state so it becomes national.

read this morning.


I'd say we are less than 2 weeks out from an anti cyclist beat up about upper fort St or Kent St.

I think there's no cause for alarm. The quotes from Gay in the story published in the paper (not online, I notice) are from last year. Clearly the paper had no actual news to print (no press releases dropped a day early to its lazy, venal journalists), and was just rattling the cycling cage to primp up its readers' dumb prejudices once more.

The real stretch is the way they seem to think traffic delays due to construction work on a light rail network are all cyclists' fault. That is actually pretty breathtaking. But if you read the Telegraph and take it seriously, I guess wonders just keep happening all around you, all day, every day. Whether you were asleep or awake it wouldn't matter – they'd never cease.


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