That irritating ad. film on Sydney's bus windows.............

Let's get rid of it!


Passengers have complained about the contemptuous nature of advertising film on Sydney's bus windows for years. No government or Minister for Transport has been willing to do anything about it. Civilised juristictions are able to generate revenue from all-over-advertising (AOA) on their transit vehicles WITHOUT covering the windows. Under the current minister, the Hon. Andrew Constance, AOA has now been extended to train windows. He has refused to revise the policy, his Parliamentary Secretary advising that Transport for NSW determines the policy. The PS thus implies that the policy is out of the hands of the minister. Why he would assert that is anybody's guess.

It seems the current minister may have underestimated the extent of public feeling about ad. film on windows. The recent controversy about using the Sydney Opera House roof for a horse race promotion widened into a public debate about advertising generally on public spaces. In the Sydney Morning Herald of 9 October 2018, associate professor of urban geography at Sydney University, Kurt Iveson, bemoaned the fact that we have slowly let advertising creep further and further into our public spaces (“Infiltration of ads into public spaces must stop”). He said it was imperative we figure out how to recapture our public realm for the public good.

The following day, Ms. Charmaine Moldrich had a further op-ed piece in the Herald, joining the 230 000 people who had signed a petition to stop the advertising of a horse race on the Opera House sails. Ms. Moldrich is no less a person than the CEO of the Outdoor Media Association!

A letter to the editor of the Herald, published on 15 October, complained specifically about advertising film on bus and train windows. That letter generated three letters of support on the following day and another one on 17 October. It seems reasonable to assume there may have been more letters which remained unpublished.

Let's capitalise on this public outrage. Please ring Minister Constance's office on 8574 5807, or Premier Berejiklian's office on 8574 5000, and ask that advertising film be removed from the windows of Sydney's public transit vehicles. Alternatively, you will find a pro-forma for a letter to either of them on the “NSW Parliament” website. If you would prefer to deal with the Labor Party, we suggest you call their shadow minister for transport, Ms. Jodi McKay, on 9747 1711.



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From my PoV, if it carries advertising then someone else has paid the fare.

True, Scientia, but in civilised jurisdictions the WINDOWS are left clear in respect for the needs of the passengers.  The revenue difference would be small.  The civility is huge.

you can see through the stuff -- its perforated.

Provides a nice amount of shade.

Not sure I see much 'outrage' .

2015/16 State Transit Annual Report has operating income of about $600M, with $27M of 'rents, fines and advertising' income.

(EDIT: ) 2016/17 is similar. $22M on operating income of $650M

Hardly insignificant.

For me seeing out is not that easy. I need to work out where I am and when to emerge from the bus.

Clarifying my post above, if advertisers pay for the bus then I don't need to pay as well.

lot of people on the LR seem to think that!

(Have seen regular ticket checks recently).

dont mind these

if you cant see who is on a bus, you might get on with a bunch of ... choose your own out group.

this is a bit un PC, but...

I'll play devils advocate.

As much as I dislike advertising, if it reduces the cost of running buses then that will reduce the need to put up the travel charge and/or allow for more services

I am more worried about the very distracting electronic advertising on bustops etc

Yes, also the large billboards on the end of bus shelters and on Pyrmont Bridge etc block footpaths and sight lines. JCDecaux had/has contracts with councils to put these up that were very hard to get out of, and councils weren’t prepared to give up the money, even if there were safety concerns. Example was the shelters on Vic Rd shared paths in Rozelle and on The Crescent. Council finally got the end panels removed in exchange for advertising spots elsewhere.

I understand it was the late, respected, Ted Floyd, who hounded Council til they varied the contract and had the end-of-shelter ads removed.  Victoria Road thus probably has the ONLY end-of-shelter clear panes in Australia.

We all hounded the council until the Greens’ Porteous finally got it done. We also hounded them to put in wider bypasses behind bus shelters like the one in The Crescent and at White Bay.


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