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How heavy is this bike i wonder?
The only time I "push" my bike is when I have a flat and no tubes or repair kits available.
I am actually fond of the term pushy
Engineers design roads and transport systems. Look at the crock of shit that they've made so far in NSW! A bike designed by a committee of engineers sounds like the camel being a horse designed by a committee!
Actually my cousin worked on the bike.. Yeah he is one of those bloody engineers you refer to... Other projects he has done recently include the Bugatti Veron and Mr Rossi's winning Moto GP bike. Oh he has a bit of bike knowledge as well, having been British National BMX champion for his age.
This bike is mostly about the telemetry systems and using them in a new environment other than high end motor vehicles etc. Its actually pretty bloody interesting from that view point.
Yay Kylie! I've been waiting for you to come back online and stick the boot into mister anti-engineer NA! You go girl! :-)
Needs lights, reflectors and a bottle bracket, then I will consider it. Will they throw in a helmet?
Disc brakes - what a shame, its not UCI-legal . Guess I'll have to settle for a Dogma 60.1 / Super Record / Lightweight Ventoux IIIs at half the price.

Or as my old flatmate would say: "$46k - and you've still got to push* it?!"

* Points noted, although technically you exert a force on the pedals to move them, which could be construed as pushing with your legs.
I spin. ;-)
As an engineer who is married to an engineer, whose father and brother are engineers as are many of my cousins, I find it difficult to not take offense at your remarks, especially yours NeilA!!
Ha ha ha. I accidentally took a nice relaxed trip to Liverpool via Meadowbank this morning. I decided to do a BN ride and chose the ride according to the ;eader and the profile without looking at the details! I am dying here! 76 km round trip. I was the slowest rider but I did make it. As long as I can get up tomorrow to commute, then it was all worth while. Am already very chilled, but still do not like your derogatory comments about the holiest of holy profession - engineers! ;-).

Daniel Stephens, Streetsweeper and a guy called Cliff who says he regularly peruses this site were also on this trip so they could vouch for my pain and suffering, I think ;-)
yeah, will vouch for that.


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