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"According to the NRMA, the average large car costs about $275 a week to maintain over a five-year period, assuming you drive about 15,000 kilometres a year." from SMH
This bike will start paying for itself after only 3 and a bit years. So it's affordable.
until you need to service it. It takes 6 engineers 3 hours to lube the chain.........
I'd like to say it'd be worth it, if I was rich. Instead I'd have a room full of bikes: 1 x folder, 1 x cyclocross, 1 x light roadie, 1 x recumbent and 1 x slow upright vintage, leaving about $35,000 in savings.
if you did this you would have a redundant recumbent!
You can never have too many bikes! A recumbent is handy for going round the world in comfort, that kind of thing.
I believe the formula is:

n = number of bikes you have
number of bikes you need = n+1
You forgot the value factor, whereby the value of n+1 is raised to a power of 1+y where y is greater than any subsequent increase in income achieved since you reached n bikes in tthe first place - in other words your next bike is more expensive than the last, and also more than you can afford.
Sounds like you need to go here for your next bike. Pics here.


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