I am commuting less and less at the moment due to work commitments and the need for a car to see clients etc however always envious when I sit in the traffic and see cyclist go past me . Traffic between Castle hill and Rosville is particulalarly heavy regardless of which route you go and I know I can do it in one hour on my bike but alas it takes me 1hr .20 min  by car

This morning sitting in traffic to go down  Barclay Road - possibly one of the hardest ,steepest and busiest climbs in the Hills District, most cyclist avoid it but M2 closure for bikes has meant more people must use it . I noticed the flashing light of a bike commuter slowly cresting the top of the hill on the Baulkham Hills side .

As he got closer I realised the guy was riding a single speed cruiser !!!!! -- How he manages to climb either side of the hill which some cars struggle up i will not know .

I dip my helmet to such a display --      


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But maybe it was a case of "done it, but never again!" Or maybe he was one of those strange beasts, a born hill climber.

Electric assist. He's cheating. ;-)

Is electric assist cheating?

It is in the Tour de France.

Added electric assist to the big dummy a few weeks ago, didn't want no trouble

What's the gradient of the hill?


Depending on where you are coming from and going to, there are otherways -- There are a couple of hiils district riders in the group based on conversations I have read, and when I needed help on the best route between Roseville and Castle Hill - I got some very helpful reponses -

They all required a longer ride but kept you off Barclay Road -- So where are you coming from and where are you going to.




Righto I go from the bottom of Excelsior Avenue so not too different.

2 ways -- my preferred in morning is busy but I have no dramas--is straight up Old Northern Rd into Castle Hill rd past Koala Park- all the way to Pennant Hills Rd take a lane down the hill until you hit whatever way you go to Macquarie Park - the M2 alternative route is pretty okay from here on. Home the same way but I use the footpath for the brief time it takes to climb from where you come out of alternative route and Thompsons corner - once off PHR hit the street again Castle hill Rd.

The other way is up Old Northern Rd Right into Crane Rd to the botttom (there are variations to avoid Hills on Crane but too complicated for here check google Maps) , left into Castlewood, at the bottom of the park on your left hand side there is a pathway which takes you thru a reserve and out onto Highs Rd . Follow  traffic turning left into Aiken - climb and climb till you hit PHR - cross over onto (right hand side) footpath just before the top of aiken then cross PHR with pedestrian lights as it is no right turn at this intersection- take lane and do the same as route one. Note this is a much hillier and undulating way but mostly you have your own lane  - it is also a blast coming down these hills on the way home -

Actually Barclay in the morning is relatively safe as you can hide in and out of the barriers in left lane as you climb- and traffic is very slow from 6.45 onwards so you can lane split coming down or take a lane .

Good luck      




cool -- to cut some hills from rane rd- Old Northern - right into Francis left at roundabout into Orange Grove -right at next ( i think)  roundabout into cecil follow that around until it joins the bottom of Crane.

Tunni -- suffice to say you are moving to the Hills district !! get used to climbing - M2 will be opened eventually and you will then fly into mac park with virtually no serious climbing  

Here's my commutes for today, on my fixie

AM: To work

PM: To home

Similar. Was driving next to a cyclist riding up the northern side of Arden St Coogee yesterday. Barely room for him with the traffic. Insane effort. 


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