I am commuting less and less at the moment due to work commitments and the need for a car to see clients etc however always envious when I sit in the traffic and see cyclist go past me . Traffic between Castle hill and Rosville is particulalarly heavy regardless of which route you go and I know I can do it in one hour on my bike but alas it takes me 1hr .20 min  by car

This morning sitting in traffic to go down  Barclay Road - possibly one of the hardest ,steepest and busiest climbs in the Hills District, most cyclist avoid it but M2 closure for bikes has meant more people must use it . I noticed the flashing light of a bike commuter slowly cresting the top of the hill on the Baulkham Hills side .

As he got closer I realised the guy was riding a single speed cruiser !!!!! -- How he manages to climb either side of the hill which some cars struggle up i will not know .

I dip my helmet to such a display --      


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I can think of easier ways out of Coogee! Usually go round through the park on the headland and up to Moore St, which sticks in my mind for some reason.

He he, reminds me of a guy I went to uni with called Graeme Rhodes, who lived in... Grahams Rd. His greatest fear was being pulled over by the cops and asked "Okay son, what's your name and address?" and then not being able to convince them he was stone cold sober whatever he blew.

Graeme Rhodes from Grahams Rd, Rhodes? Yeah, I knew that guy, too.

Ibex. Hegets a lot of "Been on any good rhides, rhodesy?"

Straight from my iPad.

I meant, I bet he gets.....

Reply by Neil Alexander

Graeme Rhodes from Grahams Rd, Rhodes? Yeah, I knew that guy, too.


Isn't it time you relocated Stateside?


 (the sound you can hear in the background is N/A frantically Googling Michael Street, O'Reillyville ...)

And if so, N/A, I can point out there is a street called O'Reilly in Cadiz, Spain. One of my many famous ancestors ... 

I can beat your street by Italian kulture.....


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