I just finished putting this bike together today. This isn't meant to be commercial so no names. I just couldn't resist posting what I think is about the perfect tourer.
Custom Ti frame with S and S couplers
Rohloff rear 14sp hub
Velocity Dyad rims
Tubus Racks

Much more satisfiying than pinarello  dogma a thats only going to be used in CP

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That does look grand! I heard the Rohloffs are pretty weighty. Have you had much time to ride it yet?
Also, after a recent mishap, I'd swap out the minimal front racks for something more substantial, or be very careful putting the bags on! Nice work. Me thinks this bike not be cheap.
That looks beautiful, I would have to agree that it would be close to the perfect tourer.
The Rohloff isn't light. The rear wheel built up with DT alpine spokes and a swalbe marathon plus tyre weighed 3.6kg
Complete bike weighed around 14.5 kg. Hate to think what a similarly spec LHT would weigh.
Bike isn't mine. Guy who has bought it leaves for the US to ride from the Canadian border to Mexico in a few weeks.
Does he have the book?
Gratuitous plug above. ;-)

Really nice looking tourer though. Unusual shaped saddle isn't it? Not sure I would find that comfy over long distances.
Gratuitous plug above

Just askin'. Nothin' in it for me anymore. No royalties from that job.

On the other hand...
This is the most comfortable saddle there is in my books. This is the padded version lite 209. I have the unpadded one on my road bike and have done a few rides of 200+kms on it with no problems. It has a big gap down the middle which seems to solve comfort issues for both men and women. It does have to be set up carefully and one model the "evolution" i found to be torture.
It depends on the shape and size of your bum. I have an evolution and its great: http://www.boutiquecycles.com/bikes/details/stealth_estrada/

Your saddle seems to be tilted up a bit much, but whatever is comfy I guess.
He is doing an Adventure cycling tour. The route he is going to is this http://www.adventurecycling.org/routes/sierracascades.cfm
Good looking geometry, kinda like a touring 29er or 29er that tours.
Only one thing missing - Mudguards.

Are the front forks steel?
Is the black thing hanging on the top tube cable near the S&S coupler one of those cable disconnecter / connector gizmos?
Agree, mudguards are missing.
Can't tell from the photo, but appears not to have a Schmidt SON front hub. This plus the mudguards would make it perfect!
It's a conventional 700c wheeled tourer with velocity dyad rims.
A Schmidt front hub would have been good. I did try to talk him into one as well as getting Bruce Gordon racks which I think are the best racks on the market. http://www.bgcycles.com/racks.html
much better looking than the Tubus which I have on our touring tandem. Not sure about mudguards. Great for bunch rides in the rain but if you have something on the rear rack and you're not drafting a wheel then I don't see the need.
Forks are steel and the little black dangly thing is a DaVinci cable joiner.
Bike is a combined effort of Cheeky Transport (wheels and touring parts) and Cyclefitcentre frame and rest of partsM


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