I just finished putting this bike together today. This isn't meant to be commercial so no names. I just couldn't resist posting what I think is about the perfect tourer.
Custom Ti frame with S and S couplers
Rohloff rear 14sp hub
Velocity Dyad rims
Tubus Racks

Much more satisfiying than pinarello  dogma a thats only going to be used in CP

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Hadn't heard of Bruce Gordon racks, but they look good. I've got a Tubus rack, which seems to be bullet proof, certainly a lot better than the aluminium racks I have had (and broken) in the past. I like the way the Tubus rack attaches to the seat tube - these provide incredible flexibility. The Bruce Gordon rear rack you've linked to has a more conventional attachment, which for my bike never seems to work very well.
I'm considering Surly nice racks for the front. They're ugly as, but do have a nice top platform for top loading, and lots of side bars for attaching things.
My idea of the "perfect" tourer is a bit different to yours.
I'd go for V-brakes rather than discs (easier to maintain/fix/adjust out on the road), fit mudguards and a front dynamo hub.

Yeah, only 3 things I would do differently.
That's the only thing that I really dislike about the Rohloff Hub (aside from the price). I really do hate grip-shifters. I'd much prefer a trigger, bar-end or even handle-bar mounted style levers (like the olf MTB friction shifters). I well and truly dislike twist-shifters. I suppose it's not all bad if you are touring using MTB-style bars or butterfly-shapd trekking bars.
While touring late last year in the New England, we came across another touring couple at Uralla. The bloke was riding a Surly with a Rolhoff hub and drop bars. He had 2 stems on the steering post. The bottom one was angled down and held a cut-off MTB bar with the grip shifter for the Rolhoff on the RHS. The drop bars were on the angled up top stem and had conventional brake levers. He thought that it worked well for him, but it did look unusual. I thought that it seemed a better placement for the shifters than that of the bike in the picture above.


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